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Business Website Search Engine Optimization Program (SEO)

Whether you are a brand new business or a veteran in your field, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can benefit your business. Internet users use search engines extensively to find out and research the products, services or information they need. Pat’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program can help you leverage this incredible power and opportunity of organic search, with the necessary expertise and strategy that helps search engines recognize and rank your site higher and drive more traffic and conversions.

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methodology is built to last on:

Fresh & Compelling Content:

Google loves fresh content. And we make it compelling and targeted - the kind of content that spark’s a website visitor’s interest and help garner more sales. However, content may not necessarily mean just text – it could be any valuable piece of information that can be distributed in the form of an image, info-graphic, video, audio etc... All this keeps search engines interested in crawling your website and helps capture more leads, and turn visitors into customers.

Relationship Building:

Link building or relationship building is helpful for search engines in deciding between two pages of both – good content. We help build powerful and authority links for your business in your niche so that search engines decide to rank you above other competitors.

SEO Process

Social Media - Be Useful, Offer Promotions Or Be Funny:

Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter or Pinterest – these social platforms are ideal and behemoth grounds of search and activity. When you become a valuable contributor to a community where your customers are, you gain respect and popularity – not to mention the ‘likes’ and ‘+1s’ and this directly affects your search positioning and traffic. Even offering special deals or just by creating a smile on your customer's face by sharing something funny can go a long way towards increasing your social popularity and ranking.

Targeting High Engagement Levels - No One Can Spare An Extra Second:

A user often browses a site, looking for targeted information. If they do not find compelling and useful answers, they will look for options. So the information presented on the website should be relevant to boost up the engagement levels of your website. The more engaging your site is, the longer your visitors will stay/or revisit, and the more it gets ranked higher on search engines.

Don't Over Optimize:

Search engines are really smart. With evolving algorithms at break neck speed, they are easily able to identify untrustworthy and over optimized websites. So do not over-optimize. Search engines like natural stuff. Your website can get ignored or fired at worst by search engines.

Online Reviews:

Online reviews/comments/feedback etc. are seen as a positive signal by search engines. So having more quality online reviews on sites like Google Places, Yelp, Citysearch etc. will help you rank higher. Nonetheless, good reviews will also spark an increased buyer confidence and trust in your services and will help you attract more online business.

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