Auto Internet Marketing

If you are looking for getting new clients for your auto glass, auto repair, collision repair, auto detailing and/or auto dealerships, we can help you! Pat’s Marketing is a Bing Ads certified professional company and an accredited Google partner with a 5-specialist certification. Having run over 200 campaigns in the past 8+ years, and auto internet marketing campaigns for past 5+ years, you will truly enjoy the benefits of working with an experienced auto internet marketing company. The benefits include getting results faster and being able to put in minimal effort & involvement in the marketing by allowing us to take over your marketing overhead and do the heavy weight lifting.

How it works?

STEP 1- Free Consult
All our programs start with a free consultation where we aim to understand your business and goals.
STEP 2 – We do our home work
Once we have a good understanding about your business and your goals, we do our home work and research the search potential of your business. If there is a good opportunity & potential market for your services on search engines like Google, Bing/Yahoo etc., we come up with a customized internet marketing program to get new clients for your auto company.
STEP 3- Share the marketing plan
We share a customized marketing strategy and plan of action along with the cost.

Auto Internet Marketing Programs

  • A combined Pay Per Click program – In this program we set you up with both Google Ads & Bing Ads campaign. With pay per click, you pay for each targeted click or phone call (you can pick one or both). We typically split the budget between Google & Bing as 70-30 or 60-40. We formulate a campaign strategy based on your target area, services/keywords, online reputation, budget, proximity of search etc. Read more about pay per click program.
  • Google Ads only – This program targets prospects searching for auto services on Google only. Since Google still has a significant search market share, you can’t go wrong with running a Google Ads only program. Read more about pay per click program.
  • Local Search Engine Optimization(SEO) – Unlike Pay Per Click program, in this program you do not pay per click. This program specifically helps you come up higher on Google map & organic search results. Read more about local SEO program.

We believe in taking ownership of work and delivering results as a team so you can spend as much time in running your business than having your business overrun you! Unlike many other marketing firms, we don’t charge a percentage based fee instead we bill you on flat rate basis depending on the work involved. Our internet marketing programs include basic features like campaign monitoring, reporting to advanced features like call tracking, click fraud monitoring, traffic analysis and monitoring.

What type of ROI to expect?

Return on your investment depends on a lot of variables and while it is impossible to speculate an ROI, most clients typically see a return of 2x to up to 8x on their auto repair marketing campaign.

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We don’t hire sales people simply because our services work and there is no need to sell them really.  So don’t be hesitant to call us at 1-888-488-7287!