10 benefits of Google Analytics

10 benefits of Google Analytics

Benefits of Google Analytics
Your online presence is bound to fail if you don’t analyze your website’s progress website is making at regular intervals. Only if you track your website’s progress, it becomes possible for you to rectify if the website is delivering the results for you.

Tracking the results at regular intervals allow you to rectify the loopholes in the SEO strategy and thus helps to overcome the same. We have mentioned N number of times in other articles, SEO is an everyday evolving field. If your strategy is working out currently, it by no means implies that it will work a few months later. If you don’t keep on modifying your SEO tactics according to the latest Google algorithm updates, you will experience a downfall in terms of your online presence.

Google Analytics can be a great help for you in terms of analyzing the website’s success. This tool presents you with the report including various aspects which you can analyze and figure out in which aspect you lack.

How is Google Analytics beneficial for you?

So, what are the benefits that Google Analytics comes alongside it? We list & explain each of the benefits below. Read them and understand why your website needs Google analytics.

1. Data Collection: As a website developer, you need not do anything to let Google Analytics collect your website’s data. Even, you will be getting the results without any delay from Google Analytics.

To let Google Analytics collect the data from your website, you just need to copy a code on your website. You can trust the Google Analytics tool in terms of data collection too. The tool is completely secure and easy to use for every user.

2. The Compatibility: Google Analytics offers high compatibility which is another primary benefit of this tool. With several tools available, it is a no-brainer that you prefer the tool which is compatible, and highly user-friendly.

You can easily use this tool from any device; mobile, laptop, or even a tablet. The mobile friendliness of this tool is such that no matter from which tool do you see the reports, you will always get the best view.

3. Insights Into Keywords: To invite a large amount of traffic, you need to focus on the keywords you use on your content and website. If you neglect the keyword factor, your online presence is set to fail.

Google Analytics helps you to figure out the keywords which will be your go-to tool to attract a large number of visitors to your website. If you nail your keywords, an increase in your online visibility is guaranteed. And what can be a better guide for you in terms of keyword research than Google itself? Thus, if you are looking for a reliable tool to explore the correct keywords for your website, look no further than Google Analytics.

4. Get To Analyze Your Customers: Before making any business decision, the first thing that pops into your mind is the impact on your customers. It’s obvious, you don’t want to make a decision that can create a negative impact on the customers and thus your online presence. It makes knowing your customers must.

Google Analytics helps you to analyze your customers from various aspects. Be it age, gender, or geographic location, you get every insight into your customers. You also get aware of the thought process of your customers which is a big plus in terms of making your business decisions. It goes without saying that the more you analyze your customers, the more you will be able to enhance their user experience. This will help you to cope up with Google Page Experience Algorithm Update.

5. Track & Plan: You might want to check the SERP rankings of your website to know if your SEO is really yielding the desired results. Tracking things like website traffic is the sole way to figure out if you are in the right direction.

Google Analytics allows you to track the results of your efforts. If the results meet your expectations, you are doing good, if not, you need to tweak your strategy a bit. Google Analytics has been offering the most reliable results tracking options for a while now. As a website developer, if you are looking for a tool to check your results, head on to Google Analytics now.

6. Your Social Interaction: Social-Media marketing is an integral part of your online presence’s success. But how do you figure out if you are following the right social media marketing strategy?

With Google Analytics, you can measure your social interaction and also recognize the points where you need to focus on. Also, you are able to figure out the platforms where your customers like to engage with your brand. It helps to get rid of wasting time & effort unnecessarily and thus ensuring that you focus on the platform from where you are getting leads.

7. Setting Targets: With Google Analytics, you get the option of setting your targets. You can set the targets for different periods and keep on tracking them at regular intervals. Sadly, this feature is least used in Google Analytics. Most business owners overlook setting targets.

Setting your targets motivates you to work hard to achieve them. While other tools might not be offering this functionality, setting targets is another plus point that Google Analytics comes with.

8. Content Engagement: Google Analytics helps you to have an insight on what type of content gains maximum engagement from the visitors. Thus, you can figure out the content that can help get maximum traffic and thus focus on the same.

9. Know your Bounce Rate: Google Analytics also shows the data like bounce rate. If you are a Digital Marketer, you probably know how critical the Bounce rate is. If your bounce rate is high, you know that your website is not able to deliver the value a user wants.

You can work on the factors like improving the user experience, making the site mobile-friendly, working on your content, etc. It will help you to deliver what the user actually wants and thus make them stay on your website.

10. Improving Your Overall SEO: A strong SEO strategy is an obvious thing for your website to succeed. With Google Analytics, you are able to measure the success of your website using SEO.

If you aren’t able to yield the desired results, you will have to squeeze your mind to try something different. And your efforts will always pave way for the betterment of the SEO of your website. If you are already feeling that something is wrong with the SEO of your website, you can head to Google Analytics and figure out the things which are hurting the same.

Google Analytics can actually help you to improve your website rankings in a very effective way. It can be your guide in terms of which direction you need to work in. Rest, you can count on Pat’s Marketing, SEO Company in Toronto to ensure that your website’s statistics never go down. Use the contact number 888-488-7287 (toll-free) to reach us out and create a strong online presence for yourself.