10 Benefits of a PPC Campaign

10 Benefits of a PPC Campaign

PPC Campaign Benefits
“But why do I need to spend money to get a click on my website even when I have done immense work in designing an inviting website?” This is a frequently asked question we come across from our clients whenever we tell them online marketing & PPC in specific. We understand their concerns. We understand, spending dollars on PPC even after spending a sizable amount on website design makes clients doubt the success of their online presence. Also, how to manage the PPC Campaign is their major doubt. But little do they know how a PPC campaign can do wonders for their online presence.

First, let’s know what a PPC campaign is? Pay-per-click (PPC) is a model where the user needs to pay a bid amount for every click their website gets. You only pay for targeted clicks to your website and not otherwise. You can narrow your Ads to show only to interested buyers based on selected keywords, Ad times, geographical areas etc.

Now, let’s talk about the benefits of running a PPC campaign. Why does an effective PPC campaign work as a cherry on the cake along with an inviting website design and effective SEO? You will find the answers to all such questions in this article. Happy reading!

Benefits of PPC Campaign

Have a look at the list of benefits, an effective PPC Campaign comes alongside it.

1. Target Flexibility: PPC Campaign allows you to select your target audience as per your niche. You can decide a range of factors like geographical location, keywords, etc. you wish to rank your website for.

Choosing the target audience at our convenience increases the chances of conversion to a great extent. Thus, unlike SEO, you get the luxury of selecting your target audience, along with the target region with a PPC campaign.

2. No Google Ranking Algorithm Dependency: You might be knowing; Google keeps on updating its algorithm on the regular basis. Thus, any algorithm update you are not aware of might degrade your site’s rankings.

But, with PPC Campaign, you need not worry about algorithm change as it is completely free from the same. Thus, even if you are not aware of the algorithm change, it won’t impact the site’s rankings by any means.

3. Results Tracking: PPC Campaign allows the users to track the results of their campaign with ease. You can measure ROI which gives you an insight into the success you are getting from the ads.

Also, you can measure the clicks, impressions, cost per click, geographical click distribution etc. Thus, it can be safely said, PPC provides the users with an effortless way of tracking the results.

4. Choose a Budget that works for you (No surprises!): With PPC, you get the flexibility of deciding your own budget and you would never be ending up spending more than your limit. Thus, you can yield the desired results by not shaking your budget at all.

5. Fast Results: There is no better way than PPC if you wish to yield instant results. With PPC, your Ads start showing up on top spots of Google for high traffic keywords and thus you start to get traffic & leads from your website very fast.

Thus, unlike SEO, where you need to wait for a considerable amount of time to get the results, PPC delivers the results within no time. Based on our experience, clients start to see leads in few days or weeks from starting PPC.

6. Full Control in Your Hands: What else do you want if you get full control of the campaign? With PPC Campaign, you can make immediate changes to your campaign if you feel your efforts are not paying off.

As we said above, results are easily trackable. So, you can track the results at regular intervals and ensure you are on the right path. And, if you feel, you aren’t, you can take time and plan something different.

7. Beneficial For Startups: If you have just started your journey as an entrepreneur your website might not be a top pick of Google in terms of ranking. And if you desire quick results by eliminating the ranking factor, PPC is the most trustworthy answer for you. PPC has been a go-to advertising solution for newly established businesses for a while now.

8. Boost in Sales: If you are doing PPC Campaign, you are increasing the visitors to your website. And more visitors directly mean more sales, isn’t it? If a person is visiting your website, chances are high of him being already interested in your products.

Thus, by running a PPC Campaign, you are giving yourself a chance of a solid lead conversion. And, as a business owner, that’s what you have created your online presence for.

9. Easy Recognition: Now, this is something you want if your business is new. You want quick recognition. But, if you have large competition, quick recognition is a tough nut to crack. But, with PPC, your website ranks in a noticeably short time period. Thus, whenever a person searches for your focus keyword, your website pops up. This gives your website recognition among the users fast & easy.

10. Helps SEO: This benefit is one of the most underrated and yet the most important. When you know what works in PPC, you can focus to rank the same keywords organically with SEO. This will further help you get more leads.

Also when you optimize your website for the same keywords, not only your site organic rankings improve but also your PPC landing page scores improve and thus help with a reduced cost per click.

We hope, these benefits make you believe, why PPC is one of the best marketing strategies to get FAST RESULTS along with an EXCELLENT ROI! To ensure a successful PPC Campaign for your site, reach out to Pat’s Marketing, Toronto PPC Expert at 888-488-7287 (toll-free).