5 PPC trends in 2022

5 PPC trends in 2022

5 PPC trends in 2022 - PPC Agency Toronto

PPC has been a solid strategy to win the game of digital marketing for a while now. With digital marketing, nothing is constant. The field is evolving every day. With each evolvement, the strategies of digital marketers keep on changing. PPC is no different.

With PPC, the thing that worked this year might not work next year. The trends keep on changing, and so does the planning and execution.

So, what are the expected PPC trends for 2022? Read on this blog to get clarity on the same.

Top PPC trends in 2022

Check out the top expected PPC trends of 2022 below.

1) Increased use of Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence has taken the hold of the digital marketing field considerably. Its use, specifically in PPC is set to increase the next year.

Things like the use of statistics to design ads, ad testing, and much more would be driven by artificial intelligence.

Thus, if you are a digital marketer, stay updated with the artificial intelligence tactics and evolvements, as it is set to be a major part of the PPC campaign.

2) The importance of mobile-friendly options would increase: If you desire to be successful with your PPC campaign in 2022, you need to ensure that you leverage the mobile-friendly option to the fullest.

If the reports are to be believed, around 70% of the paid search impressions come from the mobile phone. Believe this number to increase considerably. Thus, focus on using mobile-friendly options to ace the PPC game next year.

3) Integrating voice-search with PPC campaigns: More and more people are believed to be moving towards voice-search shopping next year.

Thus, if you don’t integrate voice-search with your PPC campaign, the chances of you achieving success will subside considerably.

Use the long-tail keywords along with the seed keywords efficiently. Remember, the long-tail keywords would come with enhanced importance when it comes to integrating voice-search with PPC campaigns.

4) Integrating SEO with PPC: It’s not a hidden fact that both, SEO and PPC deliver the desired results when used together.

Digital marketing professionals have broken the age-old ideology of not using these tactics together. They are now inclined towards using these tactics together, and the usage is set to increase in the next year.

Thus, if you are a digital marketer, know that using SEO & PPC together offers numerous benefits. Thus, if you aren’t using it out together currently, buckle up and start doing it now.

5) The importance of constant testing will increase: Yes, the execution of your strategy might be top-notch, but if you don’t keep on testing & tracking the results, the impact of your execution would start fading away.

Thus, if you are a digital marketer, ensure that you keep on tracking the success of your PPC at regular intervals. Keeping the track of your success at regular intervals would give you clarity regarding the fact that you are on the right track in terms of your strategy. If not, you can make the necessary tweaks to your strategy.

These are some top expected PPC trends of the year 2022. If you are looking to yield results with a PPC campaign, keeping and using these trends will enhance the chances of your success considerably.

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