Importance of SEO Testing & 5 tips to improve it

Importance of SEO Testing & 5 tips to improve it

SEO is a thing that keeps on changing every day. With SEO, it is all about analyzing the results at the timely intervals and executing the strategy according to the latest trends and updates of the Google algorithm.

With SEO, even your experience may deny helping you out if you fail to understand the latest updates of Google algorithm and if you don’t analyze the success of your tactics at the regular intervals.

The more you test your SEO tactics, the more likely you are to get the positive results.

Importance of SEO Testing

SEO is much more than using eye-catchy headings and using an effective meta description. The way you make your website rank depends largely on the Google algorithm. And, as a website owner, you must stay aware that Google keeps on updating website ranking policies at the regular intervals.

Thus, for you, it becomes mandatory to stay in touch with the latest blogs of Google algorithm and understand the same to the core. And, you can’t expect your present SEO tactic to yield the positive results always with the next Google policy. So, naturally, you need to keep on testing and changing your tactics to rank the website.

With SEO testing, you analyze various segments. With this analysis, you come to know where your SEO tactic lacks and what you need to do to overcome the same. And, let us make it clear, you absolutely need not panic if you find loopholes in your tactics. SEO is a strategy that is never perfect. It is all about playing with things and figuring out what works the best for you.

Keep in mind, SEO testing is not only about figuring out what is good for your website’s rankings. It is also about figuring out the reader’s requirements, analyzing their thought process, and providing them with the best.

SEO Testing Tips

Some solid SEO Testing Tips you can follow to boost the quality of results for your website are as follows. Enjoy the read!

1. Get your tool right: Deciding an efficient and a trustworthy analytics tool is the most important thing if you wish your SEO to be a success. You can check out our article on the best SERPs Check tool. You can use each of these tools and decide which tool meets your requirements.

While testing the analytics tool, please check that you test every aspect of your requirement and decide the best. Once you are done with the tool testing process, and once you have decided the tool satisfying your requirement, ensure you use the decided analytic tool efficiently.

2. Play with Content: Google loves a site with high quality content. Make it certain that you provide the reader everything with your content. Keep it updating on the regular basis. Analyze your competitor and try keeping content a bit longer as compared to him. Try providing the user with information your competitor has missed out on.

Keep on adding new content, keep on making the necessary changes to the existing content, and then analyze the results. Updating the content will simply invite a large amount of traffic as users are getting fresh information on your website.

3. Meta Description: We have mentioned N number of times in our blogs, meta description is one of the most vital things playing an important role in the success of a website. Keep rewriting meta descriptions at the regular intervals.

Don’t hesitate to use things like special characters, brackets, and dashes. Keep on changing the format of your meta description every now and then. The 160 characters of your meta description must summarize your website in a highly creative, and an inviting way.

4. Play with Links: Don’t hesitate to give external and internal links even after your website is live. Giving relevant links to your article will purely boost your SEO score to a good extent. Also, you can remove the links if you feel they are no longer relevant for the readers and give the same to some of the more relevant articles. The authority of your article is directly proportional to the relevancy of the links you use in your article.

5. Test & Re-test: SEO is a constantly changing field so keep on fine tuning your SEO strategies and repeat tests & measure results. Also, stay updated with the latest Google trends. It will help you to figure out the right direction of your next SEO step. If you keep on repeating tests, you will more easily figure out shortcomings in your tactics.

Just follow these tips to ensure you get the best results from your SEO tactics. You can also reach out to Pat’s Marketing, SEO Agency in Toronto to boost your website’s performance and create a strong online presence for yourself.