7 Tips to improve the organic CTR of your website

7 Tips to improve the organic CTR of your website

improve the organic CTR
The debate on if the organic CTR impacts the page ranking on Google is never ending. The highly confidential Google algorithm has an important role to play when it comes to filtering the conclusion from this debate.

But, what is the organic CTR? Simply, the number of click a search results get divided by the number of views it receives on SERP is termed as organic CTR. Mostly the factors like meta description, title tag, your website URL, plays an important role when it comes to organic CTR. So, does organic CTR impact the Google rankings of your website? Straight answer is Yes.

How Does Organic CTR Matter?

The top reasons for the organic CTR being so important for your website are as follows:

  1. Organic CTR purely means increasing the traffic without necessarily affecting the rankings of your website. And, as a website developer, or as a business owner, all you want is a mountain of relevant traffic on your website.
  2. Google wants quality. And, the organic CTR defines the quality of your website and the content of your website to a great extent. So, it is as clear as water that the organic CTR is important if you want Google to notice the relevancy and quality of your website.
  3. Let us consider an example. There are two websites, A and B. Website A answers on the page. While, website B answers on the page and in the meta description too. But, the Google algorithm ranks website A higher than B. User clicks website A due to rank while website B remains unvisited. But, does this factor make website A better than website B? No. But, as website B hasn’t received any click, the quality and relevancy of this website is incredibly low. Do we as a website owner want that to happen? No. So, we must conclude that organic CTR matters.

Tips to improve organic CTR

  1. Inviting Titles: Whenever a user searches a query on Google, the first thing he gets to read is the title. The more creative and describing your title is, the more it invites the people to visit the website. Inviting and eye-catchy titles will increase the clicks on your website, and it will increase the organic CTR of your website.
  2. High Quality Meta Description: You need to remember, your meta description is the second thing a person will read after reading your title and before visiting your website. Use power words efficiently and give the reader an emotional sense. Let your meta description be of superior quality and inviting enough to attract a huge traffic. Ensure the 160 characters of the meta description you use are effective enough to make the user click your website without even thinking a bit.
  3. Long-Tail Keywords: Long-Tail keywords are underrated, yet the most important part of an SEO strategy. By filtering out the efficient long-tail keywords and using them in your blog increases the volume of organic search query.The efficient use of long-tail keywords ensure improvement in the organic CTR to a great extent. Usually, people focus on working on the seed keywords and ignore the long-tail keywords in the process. As a result, their organic CTR degrades which impacts the website ranking negatively.
  4. Your URL: You might have heard that Google loves short URLs. But, little do you know the impact a short and a describing URL brings alongside it. Using a short and descriptive URL can do wonders for you in terms of improving the organic CTR. Also, it improves the DA of your website which is also a deciding factor in terms of website ranking.
  5. Using PPC: PPC is the most underrated and yet the most effective technique to boost the organic CTR for your website. Research a bit, identify the keyword that comes with low CTR and rank high on that keyword to run a paid Ad on it.PPC also gives you a flexibility of testing different techniques and working on them effectively. Thus, you can always change your strategy to improvise the organic CTR of your website if you decide to go with PPC.
  6. Website Speed: Ensure your website is optimized in a way that it doesn’t demand a lot of time from the users to wait before it loads. High website speed loading time will disengage the users and they will leave your website just when it loads or simply after reading the first page of your website.And, if the user disengages from your website, you can’t expect to boost the organic CTR of your website by any means. You can check out the tips on how to increase the website speed?
  7. Structure Content: It is important for you to structure your content in a specific way. The flow of content must be like Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. An unstructured content makes the user leave your website even without reading it. It increases the bounce rate of your website and degrades the organic CTR of your website.

Organic CTR is an integral part of a website’s success in terms of generating traffic. Also, conversions depend a lot on the organic CTR of a website. The more people visit your website, the more Google receives the signals regarding the relevancy and quality of your website.

So, we highly recommend to not compromise with website optimization at all as it can play a defining role in boosting the organic CTR of your website. To make the task easy for yourself, and to make your website represent your business by inviting a large amount of traffic, reach out to Pat’s Marketing, best SEO Company in Toronto at 888-488-7287 (toll free).