8 things to consider while creating an ecommerce website

8 things to consider while creating an ecommerce website

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Thinking of creating an eCommerce website? That’s great. After all, the craze and love for online shopping are on an exponential rise.

But, there are certain things you need to keep in mind before you design an eCommerce website. Yes, the eCommerce website is high-profit generating, but only if certain things are taken care of.

Things you must consider before designing an eCommerce website

Check out the things you must know before you design your eCommerce website below.

1) Website security: Your visitors definitely don’t want to compromise safety by any means. Things like the SSL certificate are extremely important, specifically with the eCommerce website.

Remember, the users are going to perform several transactions on your website. Thus, you need to make them trust your website. And making the users believe that your website is secure is the easiest way to make them trust your website.

Missing out on website security would imply missing out on orders which directly means your loss. It becomes important for you to cover every base concerned with your website security when it comes to the eCommerce website.

2) Integration with payment gateways: Several eCommerce websites aren’t able to do so well due to a limited number of payment gateways.

Thus, you must ensure that your eCommerce website integrates with every major payment gateway. It would not push back your user due to their preferred payment mode not being available on your website.

Some of the major payment gateways are PayPal, Amazon Pay, Stripe, and American Express.

The more payment gateways your eCommerce website integrates with, the more are the chances of you yielding the desired results.

3) Shipping charges: 50% of customers cancel their shopping plans due to the shipping charges they see on their screens. Yes, high shipping charges hurt them even more than paying for expensive products.

There are several websites whose shipping charges are entirely illogical. Of course, you want to make money, but not by levying the charges on your customers that are completely unfair.

When you design an eCommerce website, ensure that you are logical and reasonable with the shipping charges norms. Also, be transparent with every penny you charge on your website. Numerous websites offer free delivery, but if it’s not affordable for you, ensure that your customer knows every detail about the shipment.

Being transparent with these charges would establish a trust factor and thus make people believe in your services.

4) Play right with graphics: Don’t catchy graphics elevate your zeal to purchase things? Of course, they do. Keep the same thing in your mind when you design an eCommerce website.

Keep relevant, catchy, and some inviting graphics on your website. Check out your competitor’s website, check out the latest trends, interact with your audience to know what their thoughts about the website design are, and give a considerable amount of time to design them.

Don’t hesitate to invest a few bucks in graphics as the results they yield are worth investing in.

5) Choose the correct hosting and website domain name: Correct hosting and website domain name is important, but this importance increases with an eCommerce website.

It is your website domain name and the factors like website loading speed that would play an important role in playing a persuasive role to make people shop on your website.

Imagine, would you purchase anything from a website having a weird and irrelevant website name? Or, would you purchase anything from a website that is taking forever to load? Of course, no. Making a payment on a slow website is never recommended.

Thus, the first rule, choose the correct and reliable web-hosting provider. Don’t get lured by those hefty discounts and offers. Go simply with the best. Then, choose the website domain name that is relevant and authoritative.

6) Add social proofs: Adding social proof is another reliable and vital thing to improve your online sales. Add things like the link to your social media handles and customer testimonials to make customers believe that you are easy to reach out to.

Adding social proof is a wholesome way to make your audience trust your eCommerce website, and purchase from the same.

You can check out several giant eCommerce websites, and you will find that none of them are without social proof. If they aren’t taking any risk in terms of not including social proof, there’s no reason that you should.

7) Make the website responsive: Google loves websites that are mobile-friendly. Most of your users will be accessing your website on mobile phones. Thus, it’s crucial that your website looks great on your mobile.

Imagine a person shopping from his/her mobile phone, and your website looks terrible on it. So, would anyone make a purchase? No.

The eCommerce website you design must be compatible with every device, PC, mobile, and tablet. As soon as you design your website, check out the compatibility of your website on every class of your device without fail.

8) Don’t overdo things: At last, know the level of creativity you require with your website. Of course, you have to design an amazing website, but overdoing things would kill your creativity.

Optimize only as much as it’s essential. There are numerous eCommerce websites that haven’t been able to do well, and all thanks to over-optimization.

Also, being realistic is an important thing to ace the eCommerce website game. Yes, you want your website to be the best, but by being realistic. Trying something which is completely unrealistic might slow down your website, and make it look terrible.

These are some things that you need to keep in mind while you create an eCommerce website. The market is getting more and more competitive, but the above-listed things will definitely help you out stand-out in this competitive market.

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