8 tips to use Google Analytics efficiently

8 tips to use Google Analytics efficiently

Tips to use Google Analytics efficiently
Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools to make the online presence of a business thrive. As a business owner, you can make some powerful & important decisions by using this tool efficiently. Google Analytics gives you an insight into several important things which is definitely a great source in terms of figuring out the persisting loopholes and working on the same to overcome them.

Though the number of websites using Google Analytics is in the millions, most website owners aren’t using the tool effectively. This article gives you clarity about how to use Google Analytics efficiently and all the metrics you must pay detailed attention to.

How do you use Google Analytics efficiently?

1. Be Clear with your Goals: Anything done without a fixed goal is likely to go in vain. It is important to stay clear with the goals, plan well, and execute the same with perfection. You might be delighted to know that Google Analytics allows you to track the results of the goals you set in the form of a percentage.

This percentage allows you to figure out the loopholes of your tactics and work on them. Without setting goals, you won’t be able to know if your tactics are achieving success or you need to tweak them a bit.

2. Analyze Your Conversions: You might want every visitor landing on your website to perform the task you want. Be it purchasing anything, registering for something, or subscribing to your newsletters, rarely it happens that a visitor accomplishes the task in one go.

Thus, it becomes necessary for you to analyze the conversion paths. And it’s a major delight that Google Analytics offers you a way to understand the conversion path. Understanding your conversions gives you clarity on your tactics, and the necessary tweaks you need to make if any.

3. Check Out the Traffic Sources: Checking out the sources from where your website is attracting traffic will ensure give you clarity about the source from where your visitors are landing on your website.

It’s always a good habit to check out the traffic source as you can devise a specific strategy for the source from where you are receiving the maximum traffic.

4. Connect Google Analytics (GA) & Google Search Console (GSC): Connecting GA & GSC is always a good idea. You might be knowing that GSC also shows some valuable insights regarding several aspects of a website.

So, how do you connect GA with GSC? Just sign into GA, visit Admin>Property>Property Settings. Here, you will find an option that says, “Google Search Console”. Just click it and you are good to go. However, it’s necessary that before performing these steps, you create your GSC account.

5. Always Check Bounce-Rate: The percentage of people leaving your website just after reading one page is termed as bounce rate. The higher the bounce rate, the more Google hates your website. Whenever you sign into Google Analytics, never miss out on checking the Bounce Rate of your website.

If your bounce rate is high, don’t waste a minute before making changes to your website design, content, & maybe your SEO tactics.

6. Geographical Analysis: No, we aren’t advising you to go back to your high school and study the maps. But Google Analytics gives you an idea of the region or say country from where you are gaining the visitors. Analyzing the geographical location of your visitors will give you clarity on the specific country you can target. And it will boost your overall website SEO.

7. Check if the Website meets the Screen Resolution Aspect: You will find a screen resolution option in the Google Analytics which allows you to check the resolutions from which you are gaining visitors.

Thus, you can figure-out if you need to optimize your website for those screens from where you are receiving the bulk of traffic.

8. Check Browser Compatibility: Agreed, Google Chrome is winning the browser’s race by a great margin. And it is mandatory to optimize your website for Google Chrome. But at the same time, ignoring the class of people using other web-browsers might mean a major dent in your business. Google Analytics allows you to check the percentage traffic a web-browser is sending you.

Thus, by getting aware of the percentage traffic you are receiving from the specific browser, you can make your website compatible with that browser and thus you won’t be missing out on an important traffic source.

These are some important things to check in Google Analytics. If you are checking and satisfying the above factors, most probably, you are doing well. If not, then there’s something to improve for you.

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