How do you ace the game of email marketing?

How do you ace the game of email marketing?

Ace the game of email marketing - Pat's Marketing Toronto
4000% ROI? Can it be real? If yes, then how do you achieve this whooping number? Email marketing is your answer.

Email marketing is one of the strongest options for small businesses to come to the attention of the people and generate leads. A number of Digital Marketers believe that email marketing is outdated now, but 4000% ROI doesn’t allow us to think so.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most reliable ways to promote your business by sending emails to your subscriber contact list.

However, with email marketing, you can’t be random at all. You need to take permission from the users and make them subscribe to send them emails and at the same time not annoying them.

Gone are the days when email marketing required only a single approach. Today, things like customizations, crispy newsletters, and personalized emails have become a necessity.

Why email marketing is a must for your business?

So, why does your business require email marketing? Only for the 4000% ROI? Yes, that’s a primary reason. But there are several other benefits of email marketing that you need to know if you are a business owner. We list them below. Check them out.

1) Increased sales: As mentioned, email marketing brings your business to the notice of people. Email marketing has been one of the biggest ROI generating sources for business owners for a while.

However, the increase in sales or lead generation depends on your creativity to a considerable extent. The creativity you use to craft your emails, the giveaways you integrate, and the tone you use to persuade your audience plays a major role in increasing your sales.

If you do your part right, email marketing is guaranteed to deliver some sweet results.

2) Increasing traffic on your website: To increase your sales, it’s important that your website attracts a large amount of traffic.

Yes, you will go with SEO and social media marketing for the same, but email marketing offers a whole new boost to your strategy when it comes to increasing traffic on your website.

It’s a no-brainer that when traffic increases on your website, sales will increase too. Thus, don’t miss out on using an efficient tool like email marketing to increase traffic on your website, and thus increase your sales.

3) Staying in touch with your audience: No matter what your business is, staying in touch with your audience is necessary. When you stay in touch with your audience, you are able to analyze their thought process, and figure out what do they require.

Email marketing has made it easy for business owners to stay in touch with a huge audience at once. Thus, if staying in touch with your audience is on your radar, and it has to be if you are a business owner, email marketing is your answer.

4) Delivering some value to your audience: If you desire your audience to come back, your business must deliver some value.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to deliver value to your audience and ensure that your business earns the trust of the people. The more you establish the trust of the people, the easier it will be for your business to increase sales.

5) Build your authority: When your audience subscribes to your newsletters, they expect that you will deliver some value. They really like your content. Now, the onus is on you to ensure that you satisfy their expectations to the fullest.

When you satisfy their expectations, you will establish an authority. This authority will play a decisive role in providing your business with a boost in sales. Thus, the next major benefit of going with email marketing; it helps you to build your authority.

6) Email marketing is cost-effective: Traditional marketing is definitely an effective form of marketing. But, it usually attracts more cost. This form of marketing often shakes the budget of a business.

While email marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing. With this form of marketing, you can reach a huge audience and without worrying about your budget.

7) Get an idea of what works & what doesn’t: When it comes to online presence, knowing what works is important, but knowing what doesn’t work is exceedingly important.

The click & open rate that your email gets gives you a fair idea of the things that will suit your business and the things that won’t.

8) Email marketing complements your SEO strategy: Several Digital Marketers don’t consider email marketing a part of their SEO strategy. However, email marketing has an amazing ability to give your SEO strategy a boost.

With email marketing, you get enhanced visibility which helps your Google rankings. SEO strategy is a long game, but email marketing can complement it perfectly.

Top email marketing services

Now when you know the benefits of email marketing, let’s check out the top email marketing services you can use to increase your conversions.

1) SendinBlue: SendinBlue is one of the best and the most used email marketing services. More than 30 million automated emails are sent using this tool every day. This number validates the quality of this service.

The features incorporated in SendinBlue are easy to learn and use. As the tool’s tagline says, “All your Digital Marketing tools in one place”, this tool integrates various tools effectively and makes your job easy.

Another great thing about this tool; along with a large number of functionalities, this tool also allows you to play in your budget.

The amount you pay with SendinBlue purely depends on the number of emails you send every month. Also, the tool gives you an option to save unlimited contacts. You need not be tech-savvy to use this tool. You just need to create an account, sign in, and you will understand the tool with ease.

2) Constant Contact: Constant Contact is another popular email marketing service that you can use to increase your leads.

This tool provides you more than 100 email templates that you can use as per your requirement. You can also select the email template for specific events, for instance, the birthdays of your customers.

Numerous businesses have used Constant Contact as a tool for their email marketing and also yielded success from the same.

Constant Contact helps you to generate leads by offering you attractive landing page templates, pop-up forms, and free mobile hosting services.

This tool uses AI efficiently as it suggests to you some of the most catchy subject lines, segmental capabilities, and behavioural statistics of your audience.

3) ConvertKit: No matter if you are a blogger or an influencer, ConvertKit has everything covered for you.

ConvertKit primarily focuses on providing you with an enhanced engagement by providing you with some of the best landing page options, eCommerce platforms, etc.

Along with a wide range of functionality that this tool offers, ConvertKit is also an extremely affordable option.

This tool segments all your subscribers into a list form. You can even tag each of them manually according to your requirements.

This tool is a perfect option for you if you have a large audience as it offers various inviting personalization offers.

4) HubSpot email marketing service: Yes, HubSpot offers you an email marketing service too. With high flexibility and a great deliverability rate, this tool has been setting the stage on the fire.

You can find several email templates in this tool that you can use according to your requirements. Customizing the template according to your requirements and vision is also an option here. You just need to drag and drop to use this tool.

HubSpot email marketing service tool also gives you an option to schedule your email by which you can send your email at your desired time, even if you aren’t available to use this tool at that time.

The tool also allows you to test termed A/B test to check the results from your emails. You can compare different versions of your email and figure out which version is loved the most by your target audience.

If the reports from HubSpot are believed, the deliverability rate of this tool is 99%. Thus, with the reputation and results this tool comes with, you can absolutely trust it to do the job for you.

5) Mailchimp: An entirely free tool to use, Mailchimp is one of the best email marketing services for a person who is just starting a business. This tool helps you to craft an efficient email strategy and thus brings you a step closer to your success.

Mailchimp operates in more than 175 countries. Hence, the array of data collection is wide with this tool. This tool has more than 300 integrations that help you to customize your emails and boost the effectiveness of your emails.

This was all about email marketing. If the strategy for email marketing is crafted efficiently, and if you execute the same with perfection, you can generate a huge number of leads and thus increase conversions.

Additionally, if you are looking to maximize your online presence by effective SEO, do reach out to Pat’s Marketing, a prominent Toronto SEO Agency. We are keen to collaborate with you and give your business a strong online presence. To connect with us, do call us at 888-488-7287 (toll-free).