How can AI help improving your website SEO?

How can AI help improving your website SEO?

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Can AI replace humans? Never ever. Be it the Digital Marketing field or any other, the emotions that work from a human being come alongside it cannot be ever replaced by machines.

But, can AI help make things easy? A big yes. It can make things easy for humans and increase their productivity.

Firstly, what does Artificial Intelligence (AI) mean? Artificial Intelligence is a task performed by the computer or a machine that usually requires human intelligence and effort.

Let’s discuss SEO here. How much effort and time do we invest to craft an SEO strategy? If it delivers some great results, then well and good if it doesn’t, it badly hurts. Moreover, switching the track by crafting a fresh SEO strategy is tough.

This is where AI can help. AI can help you in several ways which make crafting your SEO strategy easy, and even if switching the track is required, AI ensures that you don’t face heavy hurdles over there.

5 ways by which AI can help your website SEO

Checkout some of the most amazing ways by which AI can help your website SEO.

1) Use AI for content creation & optimization: Content creation is a mighty task than it actually seems. Alas, only content creation never suffices. To get some fruitful results, presenting well-optimized content to your audience is a must.

From efficient keyword research in your content to verifying that your content is not plagiarised at all, doing & verifying it all by yourself might take some toll on you. This is where AI shows up.

Moreover, the importance of visuals on your website cannot be stressed enough. You can use various infographics tools to create images for your website. There are numerous tools like Google Trends, BuzzSumo, UberSuggest, etc. that can help you to find out the latest topics and thus you can prepare content on something that has created a buzz among the people.

Then, comes tools like Grammarly. You can use them to ensure that there are no typos in your content. Of course, your audience gets a big red flag when they see a typo in your content.

Hence, when you use AI, you ensure that you are delivering well-optimized & high-quality content to your audience. Make no mistake, the content will be written by a human, it will be proofread by a human, it’s just that AI tools will work as a catalyst in terms of content creation & optimization.

2) AI can help you optimize your website for voice search: Voice search is one of the fastest evolving technologies in Digital Marketing. People now love searching by using their voice as it makes it easy for them.

Hence, if you are a website owner, optimizing it for voice search is a must. Most people prefer asking questions when it comes to voice searches. Like, “How do I bake a cake?” over “Cake baking guide”. Getting it?

Hence, it becomes crucial that you answer the questions and not write an essay. This is where AI tools can help you out.

Tools like AnswerThePublic, Quora can help you to figure out the top questions that people are asking related to the keyword. And, how do you use these tools? Just enter the keyword, hit submit, and you will see numerous questions people ask about it.

When your content and title will answer the questions of people, you will automatically notice the increase in website traffic as now your website is optimized for voice search.

3) To get an edge over your competitors: You might do a perfect competitor analysis, and even cover the base that your competitors haven’t.

But, isn’t it a bit tough? To recognize what are the opportunities that your competitors have missed and how you can catch them to get an edge over them?

Several AI tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, BuzzSumo, Moz, etc. help you to unleash the hidden tactics that your competitors haven’t reached yet and thus helping you to outplay them in that specific factor.

Doing this thing manually will demand a lot of sweat and time from you. Using AI is the only smart and reliable way to get this job done perfectly.

4) Use AI to research keywords: How crucial it is to absolutely nail the art of keyword research and usage!

While researching keywords manually might sound horrifying, it is AI that will make the path smooth for you.

Some AI tools like SEMrushAhrefs, Moz, Google Keyword Planner, etc. not only give you an insight into some of the very popular keywords for your business but also help you to figure out some unique set of keywords that are least used, yet result generating.

Using AI to research your keywords is crucial if you don’t want your keyword research strategy to fail (which of course you don’t!).

5) Use AI to conduct SEO audit: Getting the results in a quick timeframe isn’t a piece of cake if you don’t keep on tracking them regularly. Additionally, you also need to keep on testing your SEO strategies and see if they are yielding the results for you.

While doing these things manually might be a bit difficult, AI can make it easy considerably.

There are various tools like SEMRush Site Audit, SpyFU, Moz, etc. that help you to figure-out and solve the issues like content duplicacy, automated content optimization, and much more. You can use these tools for rectifying flaws in technical SEO too.

AI makes the really tedious job of testing and tracking everything easy.

Agreed, AI can never replace humans. All AI can do is make the tedious job easy for the humans and hence increase their productivity.

If you aren’t already using AI to strengthen your website SEO, you are missing out on something very crucial.

AI not only helps you to form a solid SEO strategy for your website but it enables you to stay relevant & specific with whatever you do.

So, how do you wish to incorporate AI in your SEO strategy? Or are you looking for a companion who can help to use all the latest trends and technologies efficiently and build a strong online presence for your business? Yes? Well, Pat’s Marketing, a high-rated SEO agency in Toronto is your answer.

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