Back linking – who can be good link partners?

Certain things to consider when you back link:

  • The site to which you are linking should be a site with a similar theme or it should be related to you in some sense. For e.g. if you are a bankruptcy lawyer, you may link to an attorney/CPA website but linking to a jewelry website for instance may appear like spam. Links to local chamber of commerce website, related/affiliated businesses etc. are perfectly legitimate examples of back links.
  • When you decide to link to a website, check the website out for its content, layout, quality manually. Things like too many Ads on the site or junky content or too many outgoing links from the site may be red signals to consider. It’s like referring someone whom you trust. Really its that CRITICAL!
  • Page Rank(PR) is considered an important factor (though not necessary) to back link. Relevant websites with a good PR are most likely good link partners but always good to check them out.
  • Unfortunately still there are companies selling you 1000 links for $20 and more so there are people buying them too. These are most likely (and are) junky offers which will not benefit..instead they will harm you big time.

Before you back link, consider your partners seriously. Can you trust them enough? If some day they get penalized, you stand a high chance to be penalized too. Quality link backs can help your website really get a good credit for it. Link building can help you get ahead of the game but has to be done carefully & strategically. Consider talking to an SEO Consultant to come up with a SEO strategy that works for your business!