Best SEO Audit & Monitoring tools in 2021

Best SEO Audit & Monitoring tools in 2021

SEO Audit & Monitoring Tools
With Google making its algorithm complex to understand by introducing some head-scratching updates every now and then, ensuring the SEO will be a success has become a bit difficult. But there has to be a way to guarantee the results from the SEO, isn’t it? SEO Audit is your go-to tool when you wish to know whether the SEO of your website is on the right track.

Firstly, how do we define SEO Audit? Well, an SEO Audit is a process of analyzing your online web presence and measure the amount by which your online presence satisfies the best SEO practices.

Next, how do you execute a successful SEO Audit? Are there any tools to do it? Yes, there are. There are a number of tools by which you can successfully complete an SEO audit and ensure, you are on the right track. We explain some of the best SEO Audit tools you can use to get the most accurate results.

Best SEO Audit & Monitoring Tools

Have a look at the list of the best SEO Audit tools underneath. These are the tools that function exactly according to the latest Google algorithm and thus can deliver the best results.

1. SEMrush: With more than a decade of providing some of the most reliable SEO reports, SEMrush is by far the best SEO Audit tool available. SEMrush does deep research of your website and presents you with 130 different errors. This gives you a gateway to analyze the SEO of your website from different dimensions.

Some of the most important results which SEMrush shows are keyword rankings, organic traffic, and website rankings. If you are a deep result fanatic, the SEMrush SEO Audit tool has to be on your radar.

You can use a free trial version before upgrading it to the premium version. However, please note that the trial version gives you access to the limited functionality of this platform.

2. Moz: Moz is another platform that provides a one-stop solution in terms of a reliable SEO Audit. Moz comes with a very strong on-page optimization tactic for your website. Alongside it, Moz also provides insights on the things like the mobile friendliness of your website, schedule crawls, etc.

Moz has been a go-to tool for numerous digital marketers all over the world. Like SEMrush, you can use the trial for 30 days to figure out if the tools meet your requirements. If it does, you can move further and purchase a premium version of the same.

3. Google Search Console: Google Search Console or say Google Webmasters is Google’s own tool to provide you with an insight into various SEO factors. And what better than Google’s own tool in terms of understanding Google’s complex algorithm and thus functioning accordingly.

Google Search Console provides you with a report on the things like the ranking keywords of your website, the mobile-friendliness, and even the crawl errors if it persists. The reports from the Google Search Console are deep which is another plus point of this tool.

Also, you get a deep insight into the most important factors like the organic CTR of your website. If you are looking for a reliable & and absolutely free SEO Audit tool, Google Search Console is your answer.

4. SpyFU: SpyFU is another one-stop platform for Digital Marketers to complete their SEO Audit with ease and in the most reliable way possible. SpyFU covers almost all aspects of Digital Marketing and presents the results for almost all Digital Marketing aspects.

SpyFU provides the users with a complete solution on SEO Audit which is rare. The wide range of features & the deep SEO insights the SpyFU tool comes with make it a must for website developers.

5. Google Analytics: If you are using Google Search Console, we highly recommend you complementing it with Google Analytics to get the best results in terms of your SEO Audit.

Using both these tools will give a major boost to your SEO Audit thus ensure that you get the best results possible. This free tool allows the users with easy integration, and an opportunity for the users to generate customization reports.

Also, digital marketers are able to figure out the reasons for some critical factors like the bounce rate of a website with ease. Google Analytics comes with an amazing option that helps the users to keep a track of their content.

6. Bing Webmaster: Bing Webmaster by Microsoft is another SEO Audit tool that can be your answer in terms of a trustworthy SEO Companion. This tool provides you with a very efficient way to manage the SEO factors like backlinks, keywords, and overall optimization of your website.

The SEO reports generated from this tool are detailed and thus give you in-depth information regarding the errors on your website.

7. Ahrefs: If you are a digital marketer, chances are meagre that you don’t have used any feature of the mighty Ahrefs yet. Ahrefs comes with various tools which can be used for various purposes. The Ahrefs Site Audit Tool is one of them.

Ahrefs SEO Audit tools help the user to figure out and analyze the site issues like JavaScripts, CSS, broken pages, etc. One major factor which comes with this tool is it also informs the user if the low word count article is the reason for the website not doing well. It turns out to be a major benefit for the users when there is hardly any tool that provides in-depth reports like Ahrefs.

8. Alexa: Yes, Alexa is much more than just the “Hey Siri” command. You can use the Alexa tool to get an insight into the technical issues with your website. Also, Alexa helps you to prioritize a set of keywords you can use to make your website rank.

You are offered a free trial of 14 days to ensure if the Alexa actually matches your requirements. If it does, you can consider investing in the same.

9. SE Ranking: SE Ranking primarily focuses on the SEO factors like keywords research, PPC management, image optimization, meta tags, etc. The SE Ranking after crawling every URL of your website generates a detailed SEO report and provides you with some of the best solutions you can apply to resolve the site issues.

10. SEOquake: SEOquake is a free Google Chrom extension that checks the SEO parameters. Some parameters SEOquake checks are internal and external link incorporation, domain ratings, URL quality, etc.

Also, with SEOquake, you can export the report which makes it easy to access the same whenever you require.

These were the tools we highly advise to you if you are looking to conduct an SEO audit for your website. Sometimes, your site might not be doing well and figuring out the issues from the audit report might be a tough nut to crack for yourself. In this scenario, you can reach out to Pat’s Marketing, SEO Agency in Toronto at 888-488-7287 (toll-free) to figure out the things for you and ensure the success of your online presence.