Everything you need to know about landing pages

Everything you need to know about landing pages

Everything about landing pages - SEO Agency Toronto

Firsts are always important. As they say, “The first impression creates a blueprint about you in the person’s mind”. The quote remains the same for your website. If you desire to let your website create a strong positive impression on the visitor’s mind, the first impact has to be positive.

What creates the first impact on the user’s mind? Landing page. A major portion of your success in terms of your conversions depends on the landing page you create for your website.

What does a landing page mean?

A landing page is a website page that is created to serve some purpose. You might have noticed several landing pages offering you something by asking you to submit your contact details. These pages are termed landing pages.

The primary purpose of the landing page is to convert visitors into leads. But why would you submit your contact details to a random page? Why would you compromise with your safety in the lure of offers? This is the major benefit landing pages come alongside it.

These pages are crafted such that any visitor will easily want to submit their contact details. The creativity used on these pages will efficiently establish the trust between the visitors and the service provider.

Thus, if crafted perfectly, landing pages can efficiently convert visitors into leads. However, when you create a landing page, it’s necessary to adhere to some guidelines. Remember, you will be redirecting a major portion of the traffic on the landing page.

Thus, it’s essential that you follow the best practices and craft a landing page with the utmost perfection.

How to create a landing page with perfection?

Now, let’s get through the step-by-step guide of creating a landing page with the utmost perfection.

1) Decide your goal for the landing page: The first thing you need to keep in mind before creating the landing page; it requires meticulous planning. You need to stay clear with your goal before you create a landing page.

For what purpose are you creating a landing page? Whether it’s sales, download, sign-up, or anything else? You need to have an answer to this question before you roll out a landing page.

2) Keep a clear & eye-catchy headline: A major class of visitors will be judging your landing page by the headline you use. Thus, it’s a no-brainer that the headline you craft has been inviting enough to make them stay.

The headline you craft must display a clear message about the value that the visitors will be getting by visiting your landing page.

3) Choose graphics efficiently: From cover-image to the graphics you use in your landing page, each image on your landing page must convey the value you are delivering to your visitors.

Use your creativity to the fullest while using the graphics on your landing pages. The graphics you are using must be making it clear what a user will get after taking the action that they are prompted to.

Also, don’t use a larger number of images on the landing page. Try to use one or a maximum of two images on it.

4) Write a compelling copy: For most visitors, the words you use in your landing page copy will decide their conversions. You need to invest maximum effort and creativity to ensure that the copy you craft will be loved by most people visiting your landing pages.

Your copy might be making or a breaking factor for you, depending on the quality. The copy you craft has to be clear, crisp, and inviting. Try talking to visitors by using “you” or “your”, rather than “them”, or “there”. It will make the visitors feel more engaged.

Your copy must complement the images, and headline perfectly that you have created. If it doesn’t, it would be a bit difficult to establish the trust factor.

5) Ensure that incorporated offers are compelling & relevant: The offers you give to the visitors will lure them to submit their information. But, for that to happen, your offers have to be compelling and relevant.

You can’t expect someone to submit their contact details if the offers you are giving aren’t tempting enough or are completely irrelevant.

For instance, you are a Digital Marketing Agency owner. Here, you can’t start talking and give offers related to Software Programming. That field is entirely different and will simply turn off the visitors.

6) Make lead form easily accessible: Don’t place the lead form such that the visitors have to keep on searching it everywhere on the page. Ensure that they don’t need to scroll from top to bottom, and vice versa to fill-up the form.

Keeping the form such that the form keeps on scrolling down with the users is the best practice of creating a lead form.

Don’t let your visitors do the hard work at all. Give them everything served on the plate. It will make things easy for both, them, and you.

7) Add a clear & crisp call-to-action: The call-to-action is one of the most important elements of your landing page. There are several things you need to take into consideration while designing a CTA button.

Ensure that the CTA button complements the design of your landing page well. Also, try to keep the text on your button relevant to your offer. For instance, “Avail Offer”, or “Get Rewards”, etc. goes well when it comes to the button text.

CTAs are special. They make users do what you want to make them do. Thus, investing your efforts in creating a compelling CTA is absolutely worth it.

8) Avoid asking for mobile numbers: In most cases, the email address, and name works well when it comes to conversions. People usually hesitate a bit while submitting mobile numbers.

Thus, avoid asking for mobile numbers if you don’t require them. The lesser the information you ask for, the easier it will be for the users to trust you.

9) Don’t redirect visitors: The landing page you have created is there for a specific purpose. Redirecting your visitors will be like redirecting your conversions.

Don’t use any links to ensure that the visitors don’t get redirected anywhere, and just focus on your page.

10) Ensure maximum user experience: Lastly, like every page on your website, ensure that the landing page of your website offers a great user experience.

Even Google loves awesome page experience . An amazing page experience will elevate the chances of conversions to a considerable extent.

What is the best landing page software?

Below we list the best software to ensure that the landing page you create is eye-catchy and exactly the way you want.

1) Unbounce: Unbounce is easily the best landing page software that makes it easy for you to create landing pages.

The software tool incorporates the most basic to highly advanced features that allow the users to create landing pages efficiently.

Unbounce allows users to create custom landing pages in several ways. Thus, the more creative you are with your landing page, the more it will look better.

The landing pages you create on Unbounce are optimized for conversions. It gives us a validation that using this tool will create a positive impact on your sales & conversions.

Unbounce software comes with numerous template options. Thus, you can choose any of them according to your niche. You can use the free trial version of the software, but to use every function of the tool, you need to pay.

But, with the functionality and flexibility that this tool comes alongside it, purchasing the premium version is entirely justified.

2) HubSpot: If you know even 1% of Digital Marketing, HubSpot might not be an unfamiliar term to you. From some cool Digital Marketing courses to the best SEO tools, HubSpot has everything in.

This platform comes with an amazing Landing page tool too. With HubSpot, you can create landing pages within a few minutes.

HubSpot comes with 13 inbuilt templates that you can select according to your website niche. Also, the landing page you create from this tool will be mobile-optimized. Thus, you need not worry about the user experience at all.

3) Leadpages: Nothing better than Leadpages if you are looking for an extremely simple tool to create your landing pages.

The tool comes with 156 inbuilt template options and thus ensuring that you get a wide range of choices for your landing pages. Again, the landing page you create on this tool will be mobile-friendly.

The drag & drop functionality of the Leadpages makes it extremely easy for even beginners to create landing pages.

4) Elementor: If you are preparing your website on WordPress, nothing better than Elementor to create some inviting Landing pages.

This tool comes with a drag and drop functionality which ensures that creating the landing page is fun & easy for you. More than 2 million users use Elementor to create landing pages, which validates the accuracy of this tool.

5) Mailchimp: Most people think of this tool as an efficient email marketing tool. However, little do they know that Mailchimp comes with an efficient Landing page builder that helps people to create Landing pages efficiently.

You can use the free version of this tool with some limitations to its functionality. However, once your business starts growing, you can pay to get advanced features and ensure that you get some of the most inviting and customizable landing pages options.

We hope that you have sufficient information about Landing Pages now. If you are looking to create some inviting landing pages for your website, the above tips and software will definitely help you out.

However, if you desire to create your landing pages, and ensure that your website gets ranked, do reach out to Pat’s Marketing, a top-notch SEO Agency in Toronto. To connect with our team, do call us at 888-488-7287 (toll-free).