Getting around Ads Billing a little bit for Small Business Owners With Cash Flow Issues!

As a small business owner you might have experienced cash flow issues with your business. This article is going to talk about how to get around Google Ads billing when you run into cash flow issues. Just to make it clear this article is not about any fissy trick around AdWords

Google Ads Cash Flow

billing but based on my recent experience with a small business owner whose account balance was close to $500 and only had $250 to pay. Google billing terms were set to 30 days or $500 whatever comes first and so the next payment was due Nov 17th and we had 15 days to hit the date. Like I previously stated, the balance on the account was close to $500 and they were about to get billed if the campaign was kept switched on.

The only way to stop this seemed like to pause the campaign till they had the money to pay the $500. It was thanksgiving season and being a carpet cleaning company it was a good time to attract more business. People normally clean up in Thanks giving and Christmas so stopping the campaign was not the best route. They wanted to know if there is anyway to pay off only $250 now and let the Ads run? So I found out from Google that if they could pay $250 and lower the current balance on the account, they could run the Ads without the risk of getting overbilled. So effectively when they paid off the $250, the outstanding balance reduced from close to $500 to $250 and the Ads could run for another 10 days or so easily without the need to pay the full balance of $500. This really helped the customer with their cash flow issue and let the campaign run.

Hope this will be helpful for small businesses owners who face cash flow issues more often and you can get around this by using the trick above.

By Abhi Patel

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