Google Hummingbird Algorithm Update – Google’s got an engine change not just an oil change this time

In line with its tradition of creating new benchmarks of excellence, Google has introduced a major change in the way it is going to handle search queries…the biggest one since 2001. Known as Hummingbird, this change in the search algorithm is intended to deliver to the customer a real interactive experience. The update is supposed to make the search results “fast and precise”.

Hummingbird is not an incremental change, but a fundamental one and is expected to affect 90 percent of the search results. Hummingbird is projected to make search more user friendly, in the sense that users can put their queries just the way they would ask their friend or colleague about the same thing. By way of Hummingbird, Google is also now better placed to produce relevant results for more complex and long search strings.

Google Humming Bird Update

How it Affects SEO?

Unlike the past, where Google used to match search strings with keywords, it will now deliver results by matching the meaning (semantic) of the search string with the content to deliver more accurate results. The Hummingbird era is expected to produce more relevant search results from semantically matching search queries with content. Hence from a search engine optimization (SEO) perspective, producing the right and relevant content will dominate. A good thing for marketers!

Does Page Rank Loose Its Rank ?

Not quiet. The Page Rank is a fundamental trust based model used by Google and its still very much applicable.

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By Abhi Patel

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