Google Pay Per Click Call-Only Ads: Ideal for Businesses that Value Calls more than Clicks

A call-only Google Pay Per Click Ad is one that leads the viewer to being prompted to a call instead of being directed to a URL on the web. Many businesses prefer selling themselves on a phone call instead of through a website. Besides, websites may not have mobile-friendly landing pages. In cases like these, call-only ads work more favorably than clicks. 

When you don’t have a mobile-friendly website..Call-only Ads are ideal!

Your company’s web name is sure visible in a call-only ad, but it is deliberately not made clickable. The purpose of letting the URL be visible is to let people know exactly what business they are dealing with. In a call-only ad, your phone number itself serves as the advertisement’s headline, and clicking on it takes the user to their calling screen to confirm an outgoing call. 

restoration-marketing-pay-per-click-ad-sampleYou can introduce a new campaign featuring call-only ads, or you can also add call-only ads to an existing campaign

Your Google Ads marketing campaigns can contain call-only ads to any degree you consider optimum. You can build an entire campaign based on them or you can include them along with regular click-through ads as a part of the same marketing campaign. A judicious idea would be to use regular pay per click Ads leading to the website for desktop users and call-only ads for mobile phone users. 

Call-only Ads are ideal for certain scenarios or marketing moments

Imagine you are trying to get away quickly from a shaddy part of town at 11pm and you found that you left your keys in the car and the car is locked…what would you do? In such moments, call-only Ads would be a smart idea for a locksmith guy to target such prospects. Or if you had a pipe burst and your home is flooded, you want to reach out to the quickest possible help. In such cases, using call-only Ads for a flood restoration company can help generate really high ROIs!

Call extensions vs. Call-only Ads

While Call extensions allow both call and click, Call-only Ads only allow phone calls. Phone calls are always tracked by Google with call-only Ads while tracking is optional for call extensions. You can also run both campaigns in parallel and then decide which Ad would work best for your business.

Few things to consider while using Call-only Ads:

  • Your service should be one that mobile users need more often than PC/desktop users. Keep in mind, call-only Ads only show up on mobile devices or devices that support calling
  • You should bid aggressively as the top 2 or 3 Ads tend to get the most clicks on mobiles. If your bids are lower and your Ad position is 3+, you may not get enough calls esp. while relying only on calls
  • Your geographical target area should be larger. The narrower the region, the lesser impressions & calls you will get. Remember you will only get mobile impressions with call-only campaigns!

Its wise to run a parallel Ad campaign that also has a pay per click Ad running so you can test the response of call-only Ads and not rely solely on the performance of call-only Ads. Call-only Ads are best suited for emergency services like flood/fire restoration companies, plumbers, cab/tow truck businesses and other businesses who may not have a mobile presence but would still like to do well on mobile Ad campaigns. For running a Google Pay Per Click campaign or to know more about call-only Ads, Call Pat’s Marketing at 1-888-488-7287.

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