A Valuable Insight into Google Pay Per Click for Carpet Cleaning Businesses!

The Basics: What is Pay Per Click(PPC)?
Any ad model where you pay for targeted clicks to your website is PPC. Google’s Pay Per Click program is called Google Ads, Bing & Yahoo also offer a Pay Per Click program.

When Should You Use Pay Per Click?
When you need immediate business, Pay Per Click(PPC) is the way to go.

What type of return (ROI) can you expect from PPC?
ROI depends on many factors. We have seen ROI of 2 to 8 times as measured for most carpet cleaners in North America.

How much do I need to spend with PPC?
At least $20/day if you are in small markets or your target geography is up to 250k population. $40/day if you service multiple cities totaling from 250K to 1Mi. population. $60-$100 per day for metro areas with 1Mi+ population. While these are just recommendations, you do not have to stick with them. There is no minimum spend requirements with Google Pay Per Click.

How can I track my results?
We track every phone call and email to the source producing the email & call. So we can track and measure where you budget was spent and what produced results for you.

I am not sure if I can afford. Do you have any suggestions?
Many businesses are uncomfortable doing Google Ads either because they have not tried it or tried it and failed. We have enough experience to make you successful. If you provide quality services at a reasonable price and there is a market for it, we will capture it through AdWords.

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We manage close to $250K per year for carpet cleaners in North America and we have enough hands on experience to make it work for you.

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