Highly Local Marketing with Google Ads Express!

Google Ads Express offers highly local marketing for local businesses. Here are some advantages of using AdWords Express as compared to Google Ads:

  • Simple to Use – Google Ads Express is extremely simple to use as compared to AdWords which has more advanced options but can get confusing for business owners who have no experience managing an online campaign. You can end up wasting your budget for e.g. if you leave the Google Display Network switched on and get irrelevant traffic to your site. This will not happen with AdWords Express
  • No Website Required – With AdWords Express, you DO NOT need a website at all to run your campaign. You can create a Free Google Places page and use it as a landing page for your campaign
  • Best option for Local Business – If you do not have multiple locations and only target a local market, you can handle your marketing campaign easily with AdWords Express. With Express, you do not have options to add keywords, geographies to target (city/zip/state/country etc.). Google targets your Ads based on your geographical location. There are no options to manage your bidding etc. You choose the budget and AdWords Express automatically takes care of the bidding process for you

By Abhi Patel

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