Long Awaited Google Forwarding Numbers arrive in Canada

Google forwarding numbers, which were available since long time in the US, are now rolled out for Canadian businesses. The news was released in Google’s official blog on Sep 15, 2015. With this service, businesses across Canada will have the ability to measure these phone calls as it allows them to figure out how their Google search ads are performing.

Google Forwarding Numbers: A Step in the Right Direction

Google Forwarding Number

Any business knows the importance of being accessible on the phone when mobile users are in the midst of a purchase decision. When you use Google Ads, prospective customers can and will be able to call your business. Hence, it is important that you have a tool to measure what portions of the campaign are generating those calls. With Google Forwarding Numbers, Google assigns a unique phone number to each keyword. When a prospect calls that number, the call is routed to your official phone number, thereby allowing you to get important information such as:

  • What keyword triggered the phone call
  • Location of the caller via area code
  • Duration of the call
  • If the call was answered or not etc.

When searching for local businesses, prospective customers often show a preference to calling a business where they recognize the area code. So, if you use Google forwarding numbers as a part of your AdWords campaign, the number prospects will see will be a local number but this may not always be the case. Hence, the likelihood of a customer calling increases significantly.

Marketers are constantly looking for ways to use modern technology to their advantage and get a tangible measure of how their ad campaigns are performing. With Google Forwarding number, marketers can get valuable information about consumer’s behaviour. It goes without saying when a consumer makes long calls to garner information, it is more likely to result in a sale. So, it is in the interest of the business to answer queries and clear doubts and ensure calls are converted into sales.

Tracking Your Marketing Dollars More Effectively

When businesses opt for call-only or Google Ads campaigns with call extensions, it offers prospects an opportunity to get in touch with the customer service more quickly. Hence, businesses are able to ascertain what exactly the prospects want and offer them services based on these needs. This offers better ROI on AdWords campaigns.

However, there are also customers who visit a business website and then make a call. Google Forwarding Numbers also takes care of such prospects. Even websites can make use of Google Forwarding Numbers by dynamically inserting it onto their website and enjoy the same benefits as call-only and call extension campaigns and get a larger picture on how their AdWords campaigns are performing.

Prudent businesses and marketers who want to enjoy the benefits of Google Forwarding Numbers in Canada are already making use of this highly effective tool that allows them to measure the value of calls and make informed advertising and marketing decisions. In this day and age when handheld devices have become the norm, Google Forwarding Numbers offers call metrics that can be analysed to optimise Google Ads campaigns and ensure better results from these campaigns.