Top 3 Parameters to Decide. SEO vs. PPC Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Pay Per Click (PPC)
How much can you spend?
Lower. No cost Per Click. Only fixed monthly fees Higher. Pay Cost Per Click & Fixed Monthly cost
How fast do you want results?
Slower. May take anything starting with 6-8 weeks. Instant. Same day, in fact as soon as campaign is started.
What kind of returns do you expect?
Consider an example:
If you are a hair salon company, one click can probably lead to an average sale of $25 and a profit of $5. If so, it may not be worth spending $5-10/click on Pay Per Click. Consider our SEO program.
Consider an example:
If one click can lead to a sale of $250 or $2500 then it may be worth spending $5-10/click on Pay Per Click. Consider PPC.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) FAQs

1. How soon can I expect results to show up with website SEO?

There are very many reasons for ranking to show up on search engines. While it may be hard to pin down a definite timeline, we have seen results for clients as soon as 4-6 weeks. We will be able to give you an estimate timeline for ranking when we start your project.

2. Does online marketing appeal to my demographic or target market?

The answer is probably YES.  There is a huge buyer base who shops online; be it Google search, Facebook or any other site. Even seniors and baby boomers can be now found online. So whatever your target market or demographic is, it may be worthwhile to do online marketing. You may decide which one fits your needs better by looking at the Top 3 Parameters shown above.

3. How much is marketing cost for my website?

Our SEO monthly package starts at $199. You may go to pricing page and see all options.

4. What kind of results can I expect from the SEO marketing program?

Our SEO program has generated quality results for clients. Yes, we are not talking about 100 more visitors to your site, we have generated thousands of dollars in sales and several hundred  quality leads for clients online. Our clients get GREAT ROI on their programs. Read more on Case Study page.

5. Can I do both Search Engine Optimization(SEO) & Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Yes. If you are looking for instant results we recommend starting your program with both Pay Per Click(PPC) & Search Engine Optimization(SEO). As the SEO (organic) results start to show up, you can slowly start pulling the plug over Pay Per click. That will keep your marketing costs under control and also get achieve timely Results.

Pay Per Click (PPC) FAQs

1. I am into mass selling at lower profit per sale. Should I use Pay Per Click?

Yes. PPC may be a good option even if you make $5/sale but you expect mass selling and return customers. The reason is that you may really increase your per sale profit gradually by mass selling which may ultimately lead to higher ROI.

2. How do I measure ROI? Do you provide reporting for the Ad Spend on
Adwords or other sources on the Internet?

Yes, we have offered monthly reporting in the past. And now we will be providing on demand reporting to all customers which means you can see 20 different reports on how your campaign is going all online and accessible through a secure interface.  You will have a clear vision of how your campaign is going. Not only that, you can also use these reports for your business reporting purposes.

3. How can we help you in Pay Per Click(PPC) program?

We basically help you manage your marketing budget on pay per click programs like Google Ads, Business.com etc. We will write targeted Ad copies  that can sell well, create landing pages and measure and track the results. We will report the results and also use the same as a feedback for your future campaigns.

4. How much is marketing cost for my website using Pay Per Click?

For Pay Per Click pricing options, please refer to pricing page.

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