How to use Quora for Marketing?

How to use Quora for Marketing?

Use Quora for Marketing
Quora incorporates 300 million active users. The number is big. Thus, investing some efforts to market your business and services on this platform is absolutely worth it.

On Quora, you will find topics on everything. From “Is Pizza healthy to eat?” to “How’s a career in Digital Marketing?”, Quora witnesses everything. So, missing out on utilizing this platform to market your business & services might mean a major loss to you.

But how do you use this platform to market your product? This blog will help to get answers to this question efficiently.

What is Quora?

Let’s start with getting the basics right. What is Quora? It is a platform where people can ask questions and answer the questions that they feel like answering too.

There are various spaces on Quora. You can follow the spaces that match your interest & niche and ensure that you stay updated with the trends of your niche.

Quora is one of the best platforms to ensure that you market your services efficiently. After all, why would you miss out on 300 million active users?

Benefits of Quora for Marketing

So, how does this platform benefit your marketing campaign? And, what’s the reason that you can’t miss out on using the platform? The answers to these questions lie below.

  1. As mentioned, 300 million users are active on Quora. Thus, this platform gives you an opportunity to reach out to a large number of people.
  2. With Quora, you can subscribe to various spaces and showcase your skills and expertise by answering questions related to the same.
  3. Quora gives you a platform to redirect high-quality traffic to your website. And as the traffic on your website increases, your sales will increase too.
  4. This platform also gives you an opportunity to interact with like-minded people and give yourself an opportunity to grow in your field.
  5. You might be an expert in your field, but no matter what the profession is, there’s always room for improvement. You can ask questions on Quora and explore various dimensions of your niche.

How do you use Quora for Marketing?

Now when you know the meaning of Quora, and the benefits of this platform, you need to know that how do you use it for Marketing? How do you ensure that you market your products & services efficiently on this amazing platform? Check out the answers below.

1. Set Up your Quora Profile Correctly: You will see a large number of profiles with blank profile pictures, and absolutely no information about their profession. This is one of the worst practices people follow on Quora.

After all, how can you expect people to trust your authenticity without any profile picture and absolutely zero information about yourself or your business?

Thus, to set up your Quora Profile such that people trust your authenticity, make sure that you:

  1. Add your profile picture.
  2. Add a headline.
  3. Write an inviting description of yourself.
  4. Mention your areas of interest & your expertise.
  5. Add something about your educational background.
  6. Adding links to your website and social media profiles of your business. It will redirect visitors to your website from Quora which will boost traffic to a considerable extent.

2. Find & Follow Relevant Spaces & Topics: Once you are done figuring out your profile, now is your time to follow relevant topics & spaces. You just need to enter a relevant keyword and you will see various topics related to the same.

Once you enter a keyword, you will see various topics and spaces you can follow and contribute or read the answers. To get the latest updates about the topic, just hit the “Follow Topic” button.

3. Start Answering Questions & Reading Answers: Once you have followed various spaces, now is the time to start answering the questions and reading the answers of other Quorans.

Remember, answering questions is your chance to show your expertise and skills. So, answer every question meticulously and ensure that you publish a well-research answer to every question.

Answer every question by keeping the leads & conversions in mind. Next, always keep the Quora moderator’s policy in your mind while answering the questions.

If you are promoting your website in your answers, you need to ensure that your answer delivers some value to the users. If not, Quora will think that you are just spamming people, and immediately delete your answer.

If it becomes a pattern, Quora won’t hesitate to delete your account at all. Quora comes with a very strict usage policy for the users. Adhering to it is a compulsion for you.

If the questions you are asking on Quora aren’t getting answers, you can also request an individual to answer your questions. This way, you won’t only get answers, but also get noticed on Quora.

4. Use Quora to Promote Your Brand: Once you have started participating in forums, you can effectively use this platform to promote your brand. However, not being spammy is the key here.

Let’s say if you are a Freelance Content Writer. And you see the question, “How can I ensure that the content on my website is up to the mark?”. You can answer this question according to your knowledge, and use the statement, “You can get your content proofread by several experts like ”.

Remember, you aren’t here to show yourself the best. Your answer mustn’t revolve around your services, it should deliver value to the users.

Quora gives you a terrific sales opportunity as people will be looking for solutions to the issues related to your niche. And if your business solves the problems of these issues, you can effectively promote it, and boost your sales.

5. Answer Questions Regarding Your Business: Once you start getting some recognition on Quora, you can set up your business customer support, and answer the queries regarding your business.

You can also join various topics associated with your business niche, and see how can you promote your business and services without being spammy.

Setting up customer support on Quora is one of the most effective ways to gain the trust of the users.

As mentioned, Quora is one of the best platforms to market your business using the question-answer method. If used effectively, this platform can boost your website traffic and sales to a considerable extent. And the above guide will definitely help you to use this platform efficiently.

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