Top 10 SERP tracking tools for your website

Top 10 SERP tracking tools for your website

Checking the rank of your website or SERP position for a specific keyword in Google search engine is important to ensure the effectiveness of your SEO campaign. But, how will you check your website rankings? Searching for the keyword you are working on, and then counting the rank of your website manually? That’s quite mundane. But, thankfully, there are various SERP tools available which help you to track the SERP of your website.

Also, the SERP Checker tools can help you to figure out the strategy of winners. If your website is not doing good, you can figure out where it lacks and thus overcome the loopholes.

Importance of Ranking on SERPs

Okay, let’s assume, you are a user. You search for a term and you see a five page result with a list of numerous sites. So, what is the probability of you visiting even the second page, let alone the fifth? Almost, none.

That is how it works. As a user, you prefer visiting the ranked websites and the probability of you moving down and opening a website is incredibly low. So, the better your rankings in SERPs are, the more are the chances of your digital marketing campaign being a success.

Best SERP Checking Tools

Have a look at the best SERP checking tools of a website to figure out if your website is yielding results.

1. Ahrefs: Ahrefs is easily one of the most popular and one of the best SERP Checker tools for the users. This tool automatically detects the keyword for which your website ranks and provides you with some of the best keyword suggestions. These suggestions can help you out to figure out what you can do to improve your website rankings.

Also, Ahrefs allows you to get the accurate rank of your website and also analyze the competitor’s. Analyzing the competitors can be of immense help especially if you are trying to improve your website ranking. The trial version of this tool is available for 7 days.

2. SEMrush: This tool works as your one-stop platform to perform each sort of detailed analysis regarding your website. Just submit the URL of the website you wish to analyze the results of. As soon as you do it, you will be shown the keyword for which your website ranks.

Moreover, you will also be given some keyword ideas which might be of a great help to you. On SEMrush, you can get the results of two search engines, Google, and Bing. The free trial of this tool is available for 14 days. After the completion of a free trial, you need to pay for it. But, the results and the help this tool comes with is absolutely worth it.

3. SERP Checker: SERP Checker tool comes with an amazingly easy to understand user-interface. You will be provided with the details of 49 different metrics. Thus, you can analyze your website’s progress from every dimension.

The fact that this tool provides you the results for both, desktop and a mobile phone lures numerous website owners. Also, you can check the results by changing your geographical location settings which will give you local rankings for your website.

4. AccuRanker: The primary benefit of AccuRanker SERP Checker tool is the easy to use interface. The search engines this tool supports the results for are Google, Bing, and Yandex.

You will be asked to select the location you wish to check the results for when you submit the keyword. Also, you can select more than one location. AccuRanker also provides a free trial version of 2 weeks.

5. UberSuggest: UberSuggest is one of the best free SERP Checker tools. This tool has been a go-to tool for numerous users for a while now. You simply need to submit the URL of your website. Then, the tool displays the list of keywords which your website ranks for.

UberSuggest also gives you suggestions regarding the keywords you can try to rank your website for. If you are using the free version of this tool, you will be given 25 keyword suggestions at a time. Also, you will be shown the rank of your website. If you go with a pro version ($290/year), you will be shown 100,000 keyword suggestions, along with 100,000 content ideas, and insights on the ranking factors with respect to your niche.

6. What’s My SERP: What’s My SERP tool is another go-to option for the users to analyze the SERPs of the website. You can search up to 25 keywords for every domain on this tool. If you don’t register yourself on this tool, you can use the services this tool offers for 10 times in a day.

After you register for a free account, you can import the list of the keywords to enhance your convenience. One thing to consider here is, you can use the free services only to analyze the desktop results. To analyze the SERPs results of the mobile device, you need to use the premium version of this tool.

7. Rank Console: When we talk about free SERPs checker tools, Rank Console occupies the top spot. The tool allows the users to search for an unlimited number of domains for free. Also, the user can use multiple keywords to get their SERPs results.

You can also track the rank history of your website and check the graph of the same. However, you can get only the desktop search results using the Rank Console tool. To get SERP results for mobile or tablet, you need to use other tools. Also, you cannot import or export the keywords using this tool.

8. RankWatch: If along with the keyword rank, you also wish to analyze the factors like CPC, search volume, etc., RankWatch might be your answer. You can select the location, along with the device for which you wish to see the results.

You can use the free trial of RankWatch SERPs Check tool for 14 days to decide whether the tool meets your requirements and expectations.

9. Seobility: To be able to use the services of Seobility, you need to register for a free account. After you register for a free account, you can import 10 keywords at a time. The tool uses a graph representation to give you a clarity on the performance of your website.

Again, like most other tools, with the free version, you can also only get the desktop results. To get the mobile and tablet results, you need to pay.

10. SERP Robot: SERP Robot allows users to check for 10 keywords at a time. Also, you can analyze 3 competitors at a time by using the free version of SERP Robot tool. Again, the free version of this tool allows you to check only the desktop results. Though, you can do so by making a payment and upgrading your version.

We hope this settles down the debate on what is the best SERPs checker tool. Each tool has its own perks and limitations. You can try using the above tools and decide which tool fits your requirement.

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