Top 11 plugins to improve the SEO of your website

Top 11 plugins to improve the SEO of your website

Top 11 SEO plugins
How do you set the SEO parameters for your website? How do you measure the SEO score of your website? Figuring out these things is a necessity to ensure you are on the right path. If you don’t, the probability of your website succeeding is very low.

SEO Plugins can be a major help if you are looking for tools to ensure that your SEO yields the results for you. If you are using WordPress, you might be delighted to know that the platform offers several plugins which might help you to keep your SEO up to the mark for your website.

Top 11 SEO Plugins for your website

With a large number of options available, you might get overwhelmed and decide to go with the plugins which might not work at all for you. To help you out in selecting the best SEO Plugins, we list the top 12 SEO plugins below. Have a look, understand them, and figure out why you need to use them.

1. Yoast SEO Plugin: Yoast SEO Plugin is the most used and the best plugin in terms of improving the SEO of your website. This plugin helps you to explore the aspects of SEO from various dimensions.

Yoast incorporates every factor of SEO which helps a website developer to analyze and ensure perfection in each of it. Be it, your content, or the technical aspects of your website, or even the things like meta description and keyword usage, Yoast has everything in it.

It rates your SEO and even gives you some valuable suggestions on how you can improve the same. When you see the results Yoast shows, it becomes a piece of cake for you to know what’s right with your SEO and on which factor do you need to work more?

The in-depth analysis this plugin show is one primary reason for this plugin being one of the most popular and the most used tool in terms of measuring and setting SEO parameters. SEO Plugin you use is your base to succeed. And if you are craving a strong and reliable base, the Yoast SEO plugin is your answer.

2. Google XML Sitemaps: You might be knowing that the presence of your website on the internet doesn’t matter if it doesn’t get indexed. While most of the time, Google indexes the pages of the website automatically after they go live, you can’t always believe that it will happen. Google may miss out on crawling any page or take several days or even weeks to index the same. And any delay in crawling the pages of your website will delay the success of your online presence. This is where the Google XML Sitemap comes into action.

Google XML Sitemaps help you to generate the sitemap for every page of your website. A sitemap makes it easy for the crawler to search the URL of your page and thus index your website pages within a very short timeframe.

After creating a Google Sitemap, you hardly need to do anything. Actually, you need to do nothing. You just need to wait for a few hours before seeing every page of your website indexed.

The Google XML Sitemap is one of the most efficient and the most reliable tools to ensure your website gets indexed and that too within a very short timeframe. Creating a sitemap will completely eliminate the uncertainties of whether every page of your website will get indexed or not.

3. All in One SEO Pack: Okay, I understand that Yoast SEO is the best SEO plugin to improve overall SEO in WordPress. But, somehow this plugin doesn’t satisfy my requirements. Is there any alternative available?. There is no surprise if this plugin doesn’t satisfy you. Everyone has their own set of preferences. In any case, you feel that Yoast SEO might not be able to meet your requirements, you can go with the All in One SEO Pack plugin.

All in One SEO Pack has been there for more than a decade now. Once you install and activate this plugin, you need not do anything. However, to check the general settings and modify them (only if you really need it), you can go to All In One SEO Pack>General Settings. There you will see certain SEO factors which you can modify according to your preferences.

4. Broken Link Checker: While managing a large number of blogs might get difficult for you, plugins such as Broken Link Checker are of immense help. This plugin alerts you about the broken links on your website if any. Thus, you need not worry about broken links and thus waste time finding them.

You also get an option to prevent search engines from following this link. Remember, if a search engine detects a broken link on your website, it will create a negative impression of your website on the same which might work as a hindrance for your website rankings.

Broken Link Checker takes a major part of worry from you. Broken Links which can be a major reason for your website not doing so good are completely eliminated from your website. If you are facing the issues of broken links and not able to figure out how to solve them, Broken Link Checker can fit your bill.

5. Google Analytics by MonsterInsights: With more than 11 million downloads, this tool has been one of the most popular and easily the best tools to do effective keyword research, have an insight on the website visitors, check the overall user experience of the website, etc.

This plugin directly collects the data from WordPress which saves you a lot of time & effort in terms of checking your website insights. Google Analytics is a highly user-friendly plugin that has made it one of the most commonly used plugins by users.

However, if you don’t wish to use a dedicated plugin, you can check the insights of your website by visiting Google Analytics . However, you might find it a bit inconvenient and time-consuming which makes installing and using the plugin a reasonable option for you. Thus, if you are in search of an efficient plugin to check your website insights with ease, Google Analytics by MonsterInsights is your straight answer.

6. WP Rocket: This plugin is a premium cache plugin for WordPress. Accompanied by numerous automatic optimization features, this plugin has been on a roll for a while now. Be it experienced or beginners, this plugin is extremely easy and user-friendly for users to use.

WP Rocket plugin makes the website load faster , which is one of the most important factors in terms of improving the website rankings. With this plugin, the users need not invest any effort. Thus, your knowledge of coding doesn’t matter at all.

Also, you get the option of customizing the settings according to your preferences. However, if you don’t have adequate knowledge of website customization, we highly advise you not to touch the settings at all.

Thus, if you are in search of a plugin that helps you to make your website load faster along with the several customization options, look no further than WP Rocket.

7. Wordfence Security: The security of your WordPress Dashboard is an important thing along with the website security. Wordfence Security plugin works in accordance with the latest security rules and thus is the most trustable source in terms of WordPress security.

The plugin uses the 2FA along with a large number of additional security features which motivates the users to trust the security the Wordfence Security plugin offers. This plugin also rectifies the malicious traffic along with attacks and thus prevents the website from the same. The CAPTCHA functionality the plugin uses before signing in prevents the bots from signing into your WordPress Dashboard.

Hence, if you are seeking a plugin on which you can rely in terms of WordPress dashboard security, Wordfence Security might fit your bill.

8. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP): High Bounce Rate can ruin the chances of your website achieving success. The more people stay on your website, the more Google trusts the value your website is delivering.

So, how do you lessen the bounce rate of your website? YAARP might be your answer here. This plugin displays posts, pages, and custom post types related to the current entry which makes users believe the authenticity and relevance of your website.

The plugin gives you an option of selecting from the thumbnail or the list form of your content. Also, the advanced algorithm the plugin uses ensures that the high-quality posts are displayed which is a major benefit of this plugin. Next, you get full control of the results to be displayed. Activating a plugin by no means implies that you won’t have any control over the results. In fact, you can monitor the results, control them, and even tweak the displayed results if needed.

If the high bounce rate is the issue with your website, you need to lower it soon to avoid any sort of Google penalties. YARPP can be a great help for you here.

9. WebP Express: With the number of mobile users increasing exponentially every day, it is obvious that a majority of the visitors to your website will be from a mobile phone. Thus, it becomes important for you to ensure that the images of your website are efficiently compressed and mobile-friendly.

The uncompressed images not only disrupt the mobile view of your website images but also waste the bandwidth which is entirely unnecessary.

WebP Express plugins use WebP Convert to convert the images into webp and thus make it mobile-friendly. This plugin is of great help to boost the overall mobile-friendliness of the website which is an important website ranking factor.

10. Smush Plugin: This plugin optimizes the images, turns on lazy load, resizes & compresses the images, and ensures that there is no drop in the quality of the same. Image optimization is the major reason for the website speed being slow in terms of loading. This plugin can help you to get rid of the same.

Smush Plugin is a proven success in terms of optimizing the images and thus improving the website’s performance in terms of loading speed.

11. WordPress External Links: This plugin allows the user to control all the external & internal links on the website. With the help of this plugin, you can specify the link as nofollow, make the link open in the new window, etc.

This plugin was recently updated which enhanced its functionality to a great extent. Once you install and activate the WordPress External Links plugin, you can set all the options for external and internal links and control the same effectively.

SEO is undoubtedly the most important aspect to get the high rankings of your website. And using the above plugins efficiently will help you to a great extent to improve your website rankings.

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