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In this day and age, moving ahead with the times while adapting to new and innovative marketing methods is the only solution for a business to be at the top of the game. The 21st century is a technologically advanced world, where the power of internet marketing is a force to reckon with. Digital marketing is a fairly new& complex domain.However, the good news is that with a reliable Toronto Internet Marketing partner like Pat’s Marketing you don’t have to worry about the “how” part.

Our Approach is Not ‘One Size Fits All’
Pat’s Marketing has a knack of understanding your company requirements and business needs and then offering a custom Internet Marketing solution that is tailor made for you.

We don’t adopt a ‘one size fits’ all approach” says Abhi Patel, CEO of Pat’s Marketing. Our creative & custom approach to every client does involve more work& complexity on our end but ensures that our clients get good value and better ROI compared to our competition…all that without burning a hole in their pocket.

What is Pat’s Marketing All About?
We are a Toronto internet marketing company and can help your business grow with the power of Internet i.e. search engines (Google, Bing) & social media (Facebook, G+, and more). Keeping your business at the forefront on the internet, our marketing strategies produce results and ROI that benefit you in the long run in your business activities.

The services we have to offer include:

Website Design and Internet Marketing Company Toronto

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Pay Per Click is basically a service that directs traffic to your website from search engines, social media and network of websites that support showing Ads. So whether you have a huge company or small business, you will accordingly pay for estimated clicks to your website or landing page. Some of the popular PPC models include:

• Google Ads and Bing Ads

Google, Bing and Yahoo provide clients with PPC programs which ensure necessary exposure to your product or services. We help to maximize and improve the effectiveness of your PPC advertising by using keywords, demographic information and planned strategy so that you are able to aim for your ideal clients effortlessly. This helps you acquire leads from your website swiftly by targeting customers based on their geographical location, all of which comes at a pre-determined budget with no surprises!

• Video and Display Ads

Text, Video or Image ads that are visible on blogs and websites on the internet are called Display Ads. Youtube and other video sites are steadily gaining popularity as most of a surfer’s time is spent on videos and other graphical representations.

• Re-marketing Ads

Re-marketing helps you re-connect your prospects with your business. Once prospect has visited your website, re-marketing displays relevant Ads on websites as a prospect navigates through different websites. This keeps reminding the prospect about your company & services giving you a second chance to target them.

Search Engine Optimization

Our Toronto SEO experts direct their attention to driving traffic from search engines to the client’s website by creative on-page & off-page optimization techniques. Keyword research, content strategy, optimizing the website and building citations are some of the key SEO strategies we use. By posting interesting and commonly browsed for topics, your website readership increases. As your site readership & engagement increases, your does your website rank. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are also known to be one of the ranking signals for search engines.

Graphic & Website Design Services

Our website design services exude strategy blended with creativity. Your online presence widely depends upon the attractiveness, content, trust factor (reviews), and user-friendliness of your website. We therefore put our marketing expertise to the test and bring forth integrated strategies as well as business themes to keep your websites attractive and good as new. A team of website designers & marketing professionals will devise creative strategies to come up with a customized website for you that is optimized for search engines, works well on mobiles, tablets and laptops while offering to-the-point & relevant information to users.

The way your information is presented on the website is also equally important. This is why our website designers see to it that there are no technical glitches and abnormalities in your websites which can lead to higher bounce rates. We constantly strive to upgrade your website with the latest trends so that users constantly experience new and improved changes and alterations, all of which provide a pleasant change. We have the technology to make your website load faster complemented by our fast hosting solution so that prospective customers and existing clients do not experience any problem whatsoever.

Why Choose Pat’s Marketing for Website Design & Internet Marketing needs?

Pat’s Marketing is Toronto’s #1 internet marketing company offering PPC, SEO and webite design services apt for your company to grow in a globalized and digitized economy.

Backed by the necessary experience that provides the best marketing and advertising solutions, we strive for innovation and creativity. Our well skilled team of professionals, strategists and developers constantly work towards improving your company as a brand and making its presence in the digital world felt.

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