Guide to use Twitter trends effectively in Marketing

Guide to use Twitter trends effectively in Marketing

Use Twitter trends effectively in Marketing
In this digital era, anything can become a trend. You might have seen even several weird things becoming a trend and for absolutely no reason.

But, when it comes to Digital Marketing, the onus is on us to filter out weird trends and pick up some useful trends to effectively use them in our marketing campaign.

Twitter is not an uncommon platform at all. The platform witnesses millions of tweets every day, N number of trends on the regular basis, and several useful things that Digital Marketers can effectively use in their marketing campaign.

Understanding the Twitter Trends

The trending topics that you will see in your Twitter account will mainly depend on the algorithm. Twitter analyses your likes, the people you follow on Twitter and shows you the latest trends regarding the same.

You can check out the Twitter Trends in the “What’s Happening” section. You will see various popular tweets that have received a large number of reshares and retweets.

To get trending topics based on your interest, go to the “For You” section. There you can explore various topics and see what will work well with you in terms of your marketing campaign.

Importance of Twitter Trends in Marketing

Going with the trends is one of the best ways to be specific and deliver the audience with the content that they want.

Preparing content without doing any research, and without analyzing the future scope is a gamble. Chances are there that you will succeed, and at the same time, you might brutally fail too.

No matter if your content quality is high, but if it doesn’t deliver any value to your audience, you are bound to fail. Thus, it’s essential to know beforehand what your audience is exactly looking for, and what’s going to be a talk of the town for a while.

Doing adequate research, analyzing the future, and staying with the trends is the most reliable way to deliver to your audience what they want and ensure the success of your marketing campaign.

And with the platform that Twitter offers, it becomes easy to stay updated with the latest trends and know what your audience exactly wants.

How to use Twitter Trends in Marketing?

So, how do you use Twitter Trends effectively for your marketing campaign? We answer this question below by listing the ways to do it. Read it out.

1) Subscribe to Topics on Twitter: The first step to finding the trends on Twitter; subscribe to the relevant topics to your niche.

When you subscribe to the relevant topics, you will start seeing several trending topics related to your niche on Twitter and thus figuring out the trending topic.

However, it’s necessary to be selective while subscribing to the topics. Don’t subscribe to everything that you see on Twitter and find relevant initially.

You might find the topic relevant at the initial stage, but when you dig dip, you will know that it can’t be worked on for a long time.

Thus, before subscribing to any topic, do adequate research, and figure out if you can work on it for the long term.

2) Figure Out the Trend: As mentioned, Twitter will be showing you trending topics that will be based on your interests and interactions.

It will make it easy for you to figure out a specific niche related to your interest. As the problems of plenty will be eliminated here, it will be easy for you to select the Twitter Trend.

Another major benefit of finding trends on Twitter? You get validation on the trending topics and a mental peace that you can work on the same efficiently.

On several other platforms, the options are so many that a person gets overwhelmed and ends up working on something that doesn’t extract results at all. Thus, with Twitter, you find topics relevant to your niche and work on the same efficiently.

3) Check the Tweets & Retweets: Follow this step after you narrow down some niches on which you can work.

Checking out the tweets & retweets gives you an insight into the niche and thus helping you to work efficiently.

Also, checking out various tweets regarding your niche, you get an idea about several emotions regarding the same and form a firm opinion about it. And when you have an opinion on the niche you are going to work on, working on it will be easy.

4) Checking Trends Frequently is a Key to Succeed: As mentioned, there are a large number of things becoming the trend on a regular basis.

Thus, you can’t miss out on checking Trends frequently. Specifically, when you are thinking to use Twitter in your marketing.

It’s necessary that you keep on checking the trends on Twitter at regular intervals. You never know what topic might turn into a trend and missing out on that might make you miss out on a potential topic for your Digital Marketing campaign.

5) Learn to Filter Out Certain Trends: Once you start staying active on Twitter, you will see several trends on the platform. You will feel like working on each of them, as most of them will be related to your niche.

But as much as a valuable platform Twitter is, it also presents you with trends that are hardly useful for you. It depends on you to extract useful trends from the plethora of options available and filter out the trends which won’t be much useful.

So, how do you know if the trend is useful to you? By analyzing things like retweets, and the number of shares. Also, the more you will start active, read tweets, read blogs incorporating the trends, and analyze the retweets, you will start getting a fair idea about the same.

6) Don’t Forget to Check the Hashtags: Hashtags are an integral part of social media. As much as they are important to increase your reach, they are also useful for the person analyzing the trends.

Checking out the hashtags gives you an idea about the keywords you can use in your blogs. In fact, hashtags are the most important things to get keywords ideas for the trends on Twitter.

Thus, the next secret for getting an idea about the latest trends on Twitter; never forget to check & analyze the hashtags.

7) Don’t Miss Out on Local Trending Topics: When it comes to using Twitter for marketing purposes, certain people only focus on international trends and thus neglecting the local trends at all.

However, for people looking to dominate Local SEO, it might be a loss. If your business is locally-driven, you can’t miss out on the local level updates at all.

Remember, with locally-driven business, knowing the thoughts of the local people, and the factors imparting impact on them becomes a necessity.

And with Twitter providing some great insights into local Trending topics, you can’t afford to miss out on them at all.

8) Preparing a Content Calendar is Beneficial: After you spend some time doing research on Twitter, you will start figuring out trending topics in advance.

Certain hashtags are obvious and will be in trend every week or every month. However, it will entirely depend on your niche. And if your niche has any trends that are obvious, it’s always recommended to schedule your content in advance.

Preparing a content calendar will ensure that you post the content in a hassle-free way. And the more hassle-free your content creation is, the better will be the quality of the same.

We hope that you are now clear with the importance of Twitter trends and the ways by which you can extract fruitful results from Twitter trends.

Thus, if you haven’t incorporated Twitter into your marketing strategy, now is the time to do it. And if you are looking to make your online presence strong by using the latest tactics & trends, you can count on Pat’s Marketing – an SEO Consultant in Toronto for the same. To connect with our team, do reach out to our team at 888-488-7287 (toll-free).