What is Google Ads and why should you consider doing Google Ads?

Google Ads is Google’s online advertising service that helps advertisers display their ad on its search engine as well as its popular partner sites and several other websites that choose to partner with the Google Ads program.The program allows advertisers to publish text-based ads, video ads, graphic display ads and even in-app mobile ads to reach their target audience.When a user clicks on any of these ads, the advertiser pays Google a fixed sum known as the bid amount. Each click either leads the prospect to your website home page or can also trigger a phone call.

AdWords are immensely successful, and most marketers now like to incorporate an optimum mix of AdWords with SEO. Analytic state that 65% of the total clicks on the first page of Google are at these sponsored results when the intention of the user is to buy something. This giant component of the giant search engine is a feature almost every industry can benefit from. If you are not using Google Ads yet, here you’ll find some compelling reasons that may convince you to start immediately.

Get prospects who are ready to buy (or know more) to your website!

Google Ads can help you reach prospects who are searching for your service on Google. Each search is a potential client so Google Ads can help you get access to prospects who are either ready to buy or interested to know more about your product or service.

Keywords are the Main Determinant of who sees Your Ads

When you bid on AdWords, you basically bid on a keyword. Broadly speaking, when a user types in the keyword that you have placed a bid on, they see your sponsored listing on their search engine results page or otherwise known as SERP. Choosing keywords smartly is therefore a task of utmost importance for a Google Ads project.

A range of tools that analyze real data collected from campaigns similar to yours helps you do some effective keyword research. Besides these, you can get insights from your own campaign on what is working best in terms of clicks and conversions, and then mould it to focus on the most profitable keywords.

By choosing appropriate keywords, you can ensure targeted traffic to your website.

You can Target AdWords as Narrowly as You Like

You can literally amuse yourself exploring the unlimited ways with which you can target your AdWords. Keywords, geographical location and device category are only a few common options to target. You can also pick the time of the day and day of the week you wants your Ads to run on Google. A bit of creativity here can really make your AdWords campaign achieve higher success.

Google Ads is Exceptionally Scalable

The beauty of AdWords is that you can proceed slowly and cautiously with them. You can create an ad, make it go live on a small initial budget, and if it performs well, you can very easily increase the budget keeping the ad copy the same. Likewise, if an ad is not performing as well as you had imagined, you can bring down your expenditure on it and focus on other keywords and other copies instead.

Show Google Ads on Google partner sites using AdWords

Besides SERPs, you can also make your ads appear on Google partner sites such as YouTube and Gmail. Depending on what the most effective space is for offering your content, product or services, you can choose the most appropriate channel from among Google Partners.

Some things tend to sell better on YouTube than they do on a simple results page, so choose intuitively, then incorporate analytics and strategize the rest of your campaign accordingly.

They Promise Faster Results

While it takes time for your SEO efforts to start showing results, with Google Ads, you can have visitors reaching your landing page as soon as you start your campaign.

You Get a Level Playing Field

With smart and strategic efforts, even small companies can have their ads displayed along with the ads of established firms. Thus, Google Ads in a way offers level playing field to all advertisers.

The benefits of using Google Ads are immense for most clients and their target markets. While managing Google Ads campaign may appear like a DIY project, it’s certainly a lot more involved process. Google Ads management is a job best left to a PPC Management professional that has good experience working in your niche area. Their experience will help you get faster and more affordable results. Contact your Toronto PPC Management expert – Pat’s Marketing at 1-888-488-7287 for help managing your Google Ads campaign.

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