Why Does Pay Per Click (PPC) Almost Always Works for Carpet Cleaning Marketing?

Pay Per Click (PPC) can indeed work wonders for any business if only deployed correctly. Most online carpet cleaning marketing methods can generally be divided into three factions; those who focus on SEO, the next prefer Pay Per Click and lastly, those who dabble in both SEO and PPC. Any carpet cleaning business can greatly benefit from PPC and here’s how.

Pay Per Click puts you in that unique position, right at the head of the pack which receives the maximum click activity – the prime real estate on Google as they call it. Carpet Cleaning Businesses with a steady stream of customers and referrals can no doubt afford to do just SEO. Pay Per Click, on the other hand, suits a growing carpet cleaning business or one who is not satisfied with modest results of SEO and has a larger sales appetite.

Why is Pay Per Click really useful for Carpet Cleaners?

PPC for Carpet Cleaners

Pay Per Click offers Carpet Cleaning Businesses greater stability when it comes down to the most important factor – Jobs!  PPC, being an instantaneous business generator directs potential customers right to your website. The use of PPC completely rules out Google’s frequent juggling of the website’s ranking in search engine results with constant algorithmic changes. 

Pay Per Click is a better guaranteed option than SEO

What Pay Per Click can guarantee is targeted prospects straight to your website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on the other hand cannot provide steady traffic to your website due to its organic nature. SEO, therefore, can hardly guarantee leads or sales because such is its character. In fiercely competitive local markets, website rankings are so fluid that you may even drop out of the Top 10 listings several times a month! 

Pay Per Click gets you in the top spot (prime real estate) on Google!

You want a bigger chunk of the pie and why wouldn’t you? Just to put matters into perspective, the Top 3 listings on PPC do get noticed and subsequently get even more exposure (more clicks!). This is what is referred to as prime real estate on the World Wide Web.So if you are not doing Pay Per Click, you are probably not getting a pie out of the bigger markets on search engines.

Pay Per Click gets in brand new customers!

Pay Per Click offers your business a direct line to brand new customers. PPC can be considered a one-time investment especially when these customers turn into repeat ones. Sit back and watch how PPC reels them in. All at no additional expense to your Carpet Cleaning Business! 

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