Case Study – GetBitOutdoors

Client – organizes fishing and alligator hunting trips and also sells fishing equipment. It has close to 4000+ fishing products.

What was the Project?
Developed two E-commerce enabled websites for GetBitOutdoors ( &

Task for Pat’s Marketing
Fix the gaps / problems in the existing website, upgrade the payment mechanism, ease the process of managing the backend database, and enable quick generation of Management Information System (MIS) reports.

Issues with the Existing Website
The existing website had many gaps / problems which gave a poor impression to visitors. The navigation as well was not easy. More importantly, the payment mechanism was not compliant with the norms, which could make any customer uncomfortable dealing with the site. Overall, the site did not reflect that the company was serious with its business.

Website Snapshot…please be patient to load the high resolution graphic below.


Client’s Expectation from the New Site
Like for any E-commerce website, the client wanted to enhance sales through the web platform and also customize the payment process as per his unique needs. Improving sales prospects implied enhancing customer experience while he is visiting the web page. This required that the website should be easy to navigate, the pages should display immediately at the click of a button and customers should be able to execute secure transactions with utmost ease.

Changes We Made in the New Site
The website was given an inbuilt content management system through which client can make changes to the site very easily without having to incur extra charges to make the updates. The client can updates records, like add / delete products / prices, and change photos / videos on display. An invoice generation program was also embedded which enabled generation of sales invoice with a company logo on it. We also added a bit of intelligence into the web software, as shipping rules were automated based on the order values.

As we know for any business to be successful, it requires proper record keeping and Management Information Systems (MIS). Hence we programmed the website, so that the company management can get access to important reports at the click of button. At any point in time, the management can login to the backend system and get sales / inventory reports.

Even before customers enjoy the site experience, it is essential that they are able to reach / locate the website.  Hence we also took into account that the website remained search engine friendly.

Challenge Conquered by Pat’s Marketing
The major challenge in developing the Get Bit Website was incorporating a unique customized feature in the payment mechanism. The client wanted that the value of the credit card transactions should be recorded at a different value than it was authorized when the order was shipped. This was really unique and required in-depth research at our end. We could finally come up with a solution that would fulfill this unique need. Although it was tough to implement it for the first time, but Pat’s Marketingteam with their years of experience had the patience and skills to execute, which not many companies know how to implement technically.

The client was extremely satisfied with the work done by Pat’s Marketing. It has been 2 years since we developed the site and over this period the client has regularly contacted us for any type of web development job that occurred.

Client’s Response for Pat’s Marketing
“Wow, so glad to have found Abhi and the service that he offers. I’ve been looking for 3 years to find a solid developer who had the skill set and customer service mindset needed to fulfill my needs as a business owner and they flat out delivered!!.”

Kevin Brotz
Get Bit