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Pat’s Marketing – Your Auto Internet Marketing partner

Of all industries, the automotive industry is one that can benefit immensely from digital marketing. From letting your prospective clients know about your presence to helping you with targeted auto internet marketing, a good digital marketing firm can help you

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Pat’s Marketing: Toronto Web Designer & Internet Marketing Company

In this day and age, moving ahead with the times while adapting to new and innovative marketing methods is the only solution for a business to be at the top of the game. The 21st century is a technologically advanced

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Holistic Internet Marketing Services Dedicated to Home Service Businesses

Hooked to smartphones people look for home service professionals on the Internet before they look elsewhere. Therefore, if you don’t have a strong web presence yet, you are losing out on a significantly large amount of business that is out

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Cheat Sheet for Selecting the Best Digital Marketing Agency

While the Digital Marketing Industry seems to be bursting at the seams with innumerable agency around every corner of the Internet, really good ones are only a few. The process of sifting through all of them to find your perfect

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How Does Your Website Score in Effectiveness and ROI?

You spend precious time or money, and sometimes both, in building your website. Whether you want it to promote your personal brand, a company or a small business, a website is almost always meant to be a means to an

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Why to Hire a PPC Management Expert to manage your Google AdWords Campaign?

Pay-per-click advertising, if executed well, can be much quicker in fetching you clicks and conversions than SEO. But quick doesn’t essentially translate to easy. You can, to quite an extent, manage SEO after going through a few learning resources, but

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Pat’s Marketing – Your Best Ally When in Need of SEO Company Toronto

As the world is increasingly becoming digital and online businesses are expanding at a mind boggling pace, the importance of an search engine friendly website cannot be overstated. Even if you have a professional website, it is of little worth if

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Long Awaited Google Forwarding Numbers arrive in Canada

Google forwarding numbers, which were available since long time in the US, are now rolled out for Canadian businesses. The news was released in Google’s official blog on Sep 15, 2015. With this service, businesses across Canada will have the ability

Google Pay Per Click Call-Only Ads: Ideal for Businesses that Value Calls more than Clicks

A call-only Google Pay Per Click Ad is one that leads the viewer to being prompted to a call instead of being directed to a URL on the web. Many businesses prefer selling themselves on a phone call instead of

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Benefits of Responsive Website Design: Google’s Recommended Approach

Responsive web design has a number of advantages. Marketing professionals are making a quick switch from creating separate websites for smartphones and desktops to creating one generic website that incorporates responsive design. This design technique lends web pages the ability