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Marketing is a key aspect in franchise comparison and selection criteria. Survey results indicate that 89% of Franchisee owners feel Online Marketing Support is a key aspect in selecting a franchise. A franchisor can provide you with the system, expertise and soft skills to start your business but getting the first customer and building up your franchisee year after year still remains a challenge for any franchisee owner.

The marketing support for most franchise owners is limited to marketing collateral. Some franchisors leave it to the franchisee to figure out the marketing bit while some require the franchisee to create a common pool to spend on the marketing. Even when franchisors provide internet marketing services, not every franchisor understands the unique need of a local franchisee marketing. Nevertheless, Internet Marketing is key to a franchisee’s survival.

Pat’s Marketing has worked with National Franchisors with 400+ franchisees and has the Right Experience and Expertise for Franchises which is effective, affordable and highly targeted to bring in new business and keep up the existing customers too!

At Pat’s Marketing, we have worked with franchise owners and have experience running successful campaigns for franchisees. Our franchisee marketing program includes the following:

1. A Mobile Responsive Website Design

Pat’s Marketing can help you come up with a high ROI generating website for each franchisee owner to give it a local flavor. This gives the franchise owner a completely separate site with local information without scaring prospects and customers with a corporate site with a 800 number.

Benefits of having a separate site from the corporate site:

  • A separate website can allow you to customize the content to your local franchise for e.g. you can have a local phone number and email listed on it. So your prospects think of you as a local business and not a corporate office thousand miles away. It is proven that people are more comfortable working with local businesses and you can rest assure your site looks local.
  • When your prospects can directly contact you without having to go the corporate route, you can shoot for a faster response time and capture business with a higher closing rate
  • You can customize the website with local information, pictures and content that appeals to a local audience
  • You get complete control over the website so you can make changes to it as you need
  • With a separate site you can run a marketing campaign locally and be sure that your leads will not get lost when they land on your website. With a corporate or semi-corporate site your prospects can click on your website and be redirected to your corporate website and get lost.

89% of Franchisee Owners Cite Online Marketing Support as a Key Factor in Selecting a Franchise

2. Search Marketing Program

  • Google Ads & Remarketing – It’s just needless to explain the power of search marketing for any business. With AdWords, you can capture your target market quickly. A well setup and managed Google Ads program can start getting you business within days/weeks of starting the program. Remarketing ensures you can recapture the attention of the prospect who has visited your website once. Read more on Remarketing.
  • Local Marketing – Local citations and listings is extremely important for local marketing. The local marketing program is integrated in our franchisee marketing program. For more details on local marketing program please visit the Local Marketing section of the website.
  • Content Marketing – We can help you come up with targeted & unique content for your website to avoid content duplication issues with the corporate site
  • Specials/Coupons: Believe it or not, you will always run into customers who look for specials. Offering specials is a good way to market your services and hit the nail on the head. Also offering special discounts to switch brand loyal customers from your competitors to do business with you helps too! Our franchisee websites are equipped with coupon software to allow adding coupons easily to your website.

3. Social Media Marketing & Retargeting Programs

  • Social Media Profile Creation and Optimization – We can help you create Facebook, Google pages, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other relevant social media site profiles to promote your services for better online conversions. We also provide you with the know how to keep your profile current and up to date.
  • Social Media Marketing and Retargeting – Facebook alone reaches about 1 Billion+ people and LinkedIn reaches out to 259+ Million users. Running sponsored Pay Per Click or CPM Ads on Facebook and LinkedIn to help re-connect old customers and new prospects can help you drive more traffic to your website and help you continuously get the word out. Retargeting targets prospects who have once contacted you but not yet done business with you and also keeps you right in the eyes of your current customers so that when they are in need, they do not forget you.
  • Newsletter – We can also help you come up with a custom designed newsletter in case you do not have it already from the corporate office to help you with your brand awareness and Remarketing campaign. Auto-responders (for requesting reviews, on lead generation, follow up etc.) are included as well in this program.

Franchisor Marketing:

While we can help franchise owners, we can help a franchisors too with their requirement of finding new potential franchisee owners. You may also contact us to inquire about our franchise marketing programs.
Franchise Marketing