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Reports from comScore indicate nearly 96% of PC owners conduct local searches. By comparison, 79% of mobile phone owners and 81% of tablet owners used those devices for local searches. The top most reason to do a local search was to find information about a specific business called a business name search. However the second most common reason was to find a business with the product or service desired (category search). So while many local searchers are looking for “name in mind” information, a substantial number don’t have a specific business in mind and naturally the market opportunity is tremendous for category searches.

Be it a local business or national brand with multi-location presence, local marketing has become much more relevant.

What is Local Search Engine Optimization(SEO)?

Local SEO (from a user’s perspective) is the ability to get accurate business information while conducting a local search be it from search engines or local directories like Yelp, Superpages, CitySearch, Yahoo etc. From a business perspective, it refers to higher visibility when a local search is conducted and to be able to provide a prospect with accurate business information.

What are the Local Ranking Factors?

Local Internet marketing works on local factors including address, phone number, etc. and proximity of search to your business. Reviews and citations are also a tremendously important factor in getting visibility on local searches.

comScore: 4 Billion Local Searches in May 2014! What is your market share?

Our local marketing service includes the following:

  • Achieving higher visibility on local searches
  • 50+ listing on most popular local directories
  • Update all your listing convenientlyngs
  • Review monitoring service to get notified when a review is posted
  • Track your business listing progress in one simple-to-use dashboard
  • Connect your social profiles to manage posting to social media from single location
  • Get enhanced listing on directories that support detailed business information including pictures, service/product information and bio, etc.
  • See analytic reports on-demand

Listing Scan Dashboard!

60% of All local listings have out of data information.
Fix it today! Call us 1.888.488.7287.

Listing Features:

  • Get a list of all your listing that have inconsistent data – phone #, address and other information
  • Fix it instantly at click of a button
  • Start Optimizing your listing to enable search engines to pick up your listing for local searches
  • Leverage social profile integration options
  • Start getting your pie out of 4 Billion local searches!

Review Monitoring Service / Reputation Management

You can connect all your profiles to one dashboard and monitor your reviews at one place. This allows you as a business owner to track your customer feedback and handle it appropriately.

Neilson: Online reviews are the 2nd most trusted source after personal recommendations. 70% of consumers globally trust online reviews…yes 70%!!

Review Monitoring Service:

  • Local Marketing & Review Monitoring Service gives you the power to monitor your reviews from local directories and search engines all at one location
  • Learn tips and tricks to use Google+, Yelp and Facebook for leaving reviews for your business
  • Facebook & Yelp provides features like check-in and also allows uploading pictures etc.

Top Review Sites to consider:

  • Google+
  • Yelp
  • Facebook
  • Insiderpages
  • Angie’s List
  • Yahoo Local

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