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Search Engine Marketing has quickly become a very popular form of marketing on search engines like Google, Bing/Yahoo mainly because of the speed of results it can help you achieve. Pay Per Click (PPC) is the most popular form of Search Engine Marketing model where you essentially pay for targeted clicks to your website or landing page. Whether your business goal is lead generation or branding, and whether you are a small mom/pop business or a large sized corporation, Pay Per Click is highly relevant and effective. Both Google & Bing/Yahoo provide Pay Per Click (PPC) programs. And while PPC management appears like a DIY project, it’s not. It requires extensive knowledge and experience to manage and more importantly get results from a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign. As an experienced Toronto PPC Management company with Google & Bing certification, we provide Pay Per Click (PPC) management services to clients to GET FAST & AFFORDABLE RESULTS.

How Pay Per Click Works?

A Pay Per Click program can help you get your business listing in front of thousands of potential customers who are searching for your services on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. When a prospect (searching for your services) clicks on your Ad, they are directed to your website. Each such targeted visit to your website presents a tangible opportunity to drive leads and sales or just get the word out for your brand.

As an example, if you are divorce lawyer in Toronto, a search for ‘divorce lawyer Toronto’ represents a needful buyer. With a Pay Per Click program, you can direct such buyers to your website and turn them into a client!

Can Pay Per Click (PPC) Help me Generate Leads & Business?

Pay Per Click, when done right, gives you very promising results i.e. leads & business. An experienced PPC Manager can help you get better & faster results. Pat’s Marketing have had their clients receive their first lead as fast as the same day they started the campaign!! Depending on the nature of your business, the lead generation timelines could be different but the scope is tremendous for businesses of any size and results are very promising. We have seen an average ROI of 2-10x the Ad spend on Pay Per Click campaigns.

Why Do you need to Hire a Pay Per Click Management Company?

There are many aspects involved in running a profitable Pay Per Click campaign. Factors include a conversion targeted website, choosing the right keywords, bidding strategy, writing an effective Ad copy, and much more. So it’s wise to hire a Pay Per Click management company who is experienced & can GET YOU RESULTS! Pat’s Marketing is a Google partner company and a Bing Ads Accredited Professional with the required knowledge and hands-on experience to handle your Pay Per Click campaign. So you can rest assured you can leave your PPC campaign to our Toronto PPC Management experts!

Benefits of Pay Per Click(PPC) program:

1. Pay For Clicks or Phone Calls:

PPC is cost effective: because you only pay when someone clicks on your ad or for phone calls with Google Call-only Ads. Each click defines a potential conversion and serious business opportunity – all within your targeted market.

“Did Excellent Job Promoting Our Law Firm With SEO & Pay Per Click!” –Sean Larjani, Toronto Lawyer

2. Capture New Markets and Business Quickly:

Marketing and BusinessPay Per Click (PPC) can really help you jump start your business sales! While organic ranking takes several months to get your website in top positions of search results, Pay Per Click can get your website’s search ranking on top results instantly. You can start to get leads from your website very quickly.

3. Managed Spending – No surprises!

PPC Budget

You can set out a daily or monthly budget you are comfortable with and rest assured you never pay more than what you have set your limits to. Budgets can be changed any time and there is no minimum spend requirement. This helps you keep a tighter control over your marketing spend. Our consultants can suggest a starting budget for your campaign or work as per the client’s budget.

4. Geographical Targeting to Precisely Target your Local Market

With Google AdWords and Bing Ads, you can choose to geographically target audience to the granularity of zip codes, cities, mile/km. radius, etc. Additionally you can even choose to set up different budgets for different geographies. AdWords also supports geographic exclusion which means you can exclude specific markets with less business potential or interest. The geographic targeting can be altered at any time to experiment with different markets. This really gives business owners the ability to explore different geographical markets and control budgets by geography.

5. Measure Your Performance – Eliminate the guess work!

PPC Result

One of the biggest benefits of Pay Per Click is to be able to quite accurately measure your performance which eliminates guess work. With PPC you can track and gain market intelligence as to what works for your campaign, what doesn’t and which keywords your target market is using to search. You will know exactly how and where “each dollar was spent” i.e. which ads worked and which didn’t. All this performance data will help you measure and optimize your campaign for better performance.

6. Reporting & Feedback

We provide monthly reports for each account depending on the level of service you are signed up for. The reports include budget summary, keywords, clicks/impressions, by device type, geography reports etc.

If you haven’t tried Pay Per Click for your business or have tried it and failed, definitely reach out to us! There are many pseudo-marketers like college kid turned marketing guy or basement graphic designer turned marketing expert or even monster digital marketing companies who treat you like a number. So give Pat’s Marketing a call – 1-888-488-7287 and see the difference we can make for your business. We are a small business, driven by a passion for results and know our clients by name!