Pat’s Marketing Launches New Mobile Optimized, Customer Focused Website for Carpet Cleaning Company in DC.

Pat’s Marketing is proud to announce the launch of a new website for Triangle Legacy – carpet cleaning company in Washington DC. We have designed a completely new and interactive website with a keen focus on the company’s customers. Not only is the design more appealing, it is also mobile optimized. Besides, we have also ensured the navigation is simple and intuitive.

Triangle Mobile Optimized Website

Here are some of the wonderful features of the new website:

Responsive Website Design

We are aware many of Triangle Legacy’s customers are busy individuals. To cater to their requirements, Triangle Legacy now has a responsive website design. It means customers can easily view the website on their mobile phone or handheld device and browse through the site’s informative and interesting content.

The new website design allows customers to check their contact details or book an appointment while they are on the go. This not only saves their time, it also offers them peace of mind knowing there is a professional they can reach out to when their carpet or upholstery needs rejuvenation.

Fresh Content

We have ensured the website is constantly updated with tips and suggestions to keep carpet and upholstery looking clean and fresh for years to come.

So, whether the customers are looking for ways to remove pet odor or restore their carpet after flood damage, they will be able to find interesting, useful and creative tips to help them out. Alternatively, customers can just contact Triangle Legacy who would be more than happy to assist.

Online Appointment Booking Facility

We know how frustrating it can be to get in touch with the right professional when you want a particular service. We have taken away the stress of booking an appointment for customers by offering online booking facilities. Now they never have to worry about phone lines being busy. They can get in touch anytime and from anywhere.

The online booking facility we have offered for Triangle Legacy is color-coded. This makes it really easy for customers to find out when the professionals can come to their home or office. Customers can select a time that suit their requirement and Triangle Legacy professionals will follow it without fail.

We are so proud and happy of our new website. We sincerely hope customers of Triangle Legacy too will like it. We have made everything neater, simpler and more interesting for customers.

Visit Triangle Legacy’s new website and tell us what you think about it. We are certain you will like the clean and crisp appearance and the numerous value-added features we have included in the new website design.

Pat’s Marketing

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