Restoration Marketing Ideas: Pay Per Click program

When considering restoration marketing ideas, Pay Per Click is one marketing idea you cannot ignore. A Pay Per Click program can help you run targeted Ads that can appear in front of the thousands of searches being made for restoration companies in your local market. There are about 8-10 Million searches per year in North America for flood/fire restoration services. This represents a huge opportunity to capture on Google, Bing & Yahoo.

Both Google & Bing/Yahoo network offer Pay Per click programs.

Restoration Marketing using Google Ads

Google controls 65% of the search market share and is naturally a good choice to start any restoration marketing campaign. Google offers pay per click and pay per call campaigns. With a Pay per click model , you only pay when someone clicks on your Ad; while with Pay Per Call, you only get charged when someone calls your business phone number from a Google Ad.

Restoration Marketing - Pay Per Click Ad sample

Did you know?..CMO manages 100+ Pay Per Click accounts and
$250K/year in PPC spend for Cleaning and Restoration businesses!

Restoration Marketing using Bing Ads

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The combined Bing/Yahoo network has a 35% market share which still represents a sizeable opportunity. Additionally, you may get a cheaper cost per click compared to Google due to lower competition on Bing/Yahoo network. A click on Google or Bing represents an equal opportunity and so you may end up getting a higher ROI on Bing campaigns. Bing only offers pay per click campaigns.

If your budget permits, you should consider running Pay Per Click Ads on both Google & Bing/Yahoo network either by splitting your total budget into either 70-30 or 80-20.

What Results Can you Expect from a Pay Per Click campaign?

A well executed Pay Per Click program can help your flood/fire restoration business get jobs quickly & afford-ably. However, getting new business & customers from a Pay Per Click program is a collective execution of a well managed Pay Per Click program, a professional website with the right call to action & a business that can serve its customers well. It also involves constant monitoring, tracking and using campaign data to apply appropriate optimization strategies to your pay per click account.

At Pat’s Marketing, we have seen a 8x ROI i.e. on every dollar spent, clients have made up to eight dollars in return.

Why Pay Per Click works for Restoration businesses?

Most people searching on Google & Bing for a restoration service have an immediate need to be fulfilled. Research shows than most people inquire or book a job the same day they search for a restoration business. Being on Top 10 listings of Google & Bing will make it highly likely for you to get a fair share of the market and make restoration marketing a very effective marketing option! In most cases, a few jobs per month would be enough to pay for your marketing expenses.

The task of managing your Pay Per Click campaign is best given to a marketing professional with experience and expertise.

Pat’s Marketing is a Google Ads & Bing Ads certified company with 10+ years of experience managing cleaning & restoration campaigns.

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