Restoration Marketing Ideas: Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

When considering restoration marketing ideas, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is an important consideration. A SEO program can help you come up on Top 10 listings of Google maps or organic search results of Google. This can mean that your restoration business listing can appear in front of the thousands of searches being made for restoration services in your local market. There are about 8-10 Million searches per year in North America for flood/fire restoration services. This represents a huge opportunity to capture on Google, Bing & Yahoo.

A SEO program is mainly targeted for you to come up on Google organic or map searches for your local search keywords. For e.g. if you are based in Washington DC and your target service is flood damage restoration, then your listing can come up on Top 10 listings for ‘flood restoration washington dc’ for instance with this program.

With rising cost of Pay Per Click for restoration campaigns, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) becomes an important consideration. Since there is no cost per click incurred to a business owner when your organic/map listing is clicked, SEO becomes highly cost effective compared to Pay Per Click.

Your Business NAP data is important for coming up higher on search engine organic listing!

NAP stands for name, address & phone number. All your business listings on local directories like manta, yelp, google+ etc. need to have the exact same address in order for Google to associate all your listings to one business. If any of this data is inconsistent, then different listings of the same business may be considered as being listings of different businesses. This will possibly hurt your search rankings.

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