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Of all industries, the automotive industry is one that can benefit immensely from digital marketing. From letting your prospective clients know about your presence to helping you with targeted auto internet marketing, a good digital marketing firm can help you grow your automotive business manifold. Here we take a closer look into the need for digital marketing in automotive sector and why hiring professional agencies makes immense business sense.

People are Driving their Cars Longer than They Used To

People are using their cars with extreme care and making efforts towards making them last longer. The average time an owner drives a first-hand car is 11.5 years. Nearly 14 million cars running in North American roads today are more than 25 years old, compared to 8 million in 2002. This extended use means more and more cars are undergoing regular auto services. Consequently, opportunities for an auto service provider have grown tremendously.

To leverage these opportunities, you got to have visibility on the Internet & search engines. While many people already know who their auto mechanic is, many don’t! Also people look for specialty shops more than before. For e.g. you may go to a AC repair specialist rather than taking your car to a general mechanic or auto repair shop. People look up to the Internet when they want an auto service. By going digital you can capture leads that are impossible to get through from traditional marketing like mailers & phone book.

How Pat’s Marketing Can Help Your Automotive Business?

Auto Internet Marketing Solutions

At Pat’s Marketing, we already have a strong foothold in managing auto internet marketing campaigns for the following type of automotive businesses:

  • Auto Repair
  • Auto Hail Damage Repair
  • Auto Detailing
  • Body Shop
  • Car Dealership

Here is a short list of activities we undertake at Pat’s Marketing specifically for our clients in the automotive industry.

Local Citations for Auto Industry

Local directories or dealership citation sites are a common source people look into when looking for car dealers or other auto service professionals. We strongly suggest all businesses in the automotive industry to maintain a strong presence on such sites as Edmunds, Auto Trader, Car Gurus, True car etc.

Not only do you make your service accessible to people searching on Google and Bing but it also helps you with your Website Search Engine Optimization. Provided you submit complete and relevant information on these location citations, you get rewarded by Google in terms of enhanced search engine authority on local pages.

Given that SEO is getting so much more complex with frequent Google algorithm updates, the auto marketing is best outsourced to an auto internet marketing company like Pat’s Marketing.

We Can Enhance the Digital Presence for Your Automotive Business

Besides the above, there’s still a lot more we can do for digitally marketing your auto business such as doing targeted SEO, managing Pay Per Click campaign, creating an impressive website, writing relevant content and developing mobile friendly websites.

At Pat’s Marketing, we understand the automotive business thoroughly. Having worked for different verticals in the industry such as auto repair, body shop, auto detailing, car dealership etc. we can say that we have complete command over automotive digital marketing.

Who cares About Your Business if you are not on Google Top 10?

In the automotive business there is tremendous competition so you just cannot afford to take your internet marketing lightly. To give you an example, there are 250-300 auto glass companies in Toronto, Canada alone. Most people click on the top listing on search engines when looking for an auto glass service provider. Just imagine, if you are not coming up on Top 10 or 15 searches of Google, it’s impossible that a prospective client may notice your website.

Google Ads – Helping you target the Prime Real Estate on Google!

Google Ads helps you capture the prime real estate on Google i.e. the top portion of the search page which gets maximum impressions and exposure. At Pat’s Marketing, our targeted Google Ads campaign aims at delivering results for your business and ensuring maximum returns on your investment. We are a Google Partner as well as Bing Ads certified company. We have time and again proven our mettle to our clients in automotive industry.

Sample Client Results

We have very successfully used the AdWords Re-marketing Program for Pro. Masters Auto Hail Center to generate business. Read auto marketing case study.

So, if you haven’t plunged into the digital world yet, chances are that you are leaving a significant pool of available business untouched.Contact us for more information on targeted auto internet marketing and how we can help you achieve even better results for your automotive businesses.

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