Small Business Marketing

With the wealth of marketing options out there, its confusing at best to know which marketing is best for your business. And you sure have a business to run. That is why you need to hire a professional to both act as a consultant to invest in the right marketing channels and also help you manage the marketing program for you without taking too much on your shoulder.

Our Small Business Marketing Solutions strategy includes:

  1. Consulting: Every small business marketing project starting with a consultant who learns about your business, product/services and your business goals
  2. Strategy: Based on the initial consultation we propose a plan of action for you
  3. Time for some action: We execute the  plan and report results to you

Small Business Essentials:

  1. Website: A website is the most basic starting point for any small business marketing. If you only had the money to print brochures or do a website, consider doing a website! Your brochure might end up in a dustbin while a website is for ever! The website design, look & feel, presentation etc. should serve the purpose of having one – be it generating leads & business or signing up customers for a service etc. We suggest your website design to be mobile responsive to cater to ever increasing smartphone traffic.
  2. Search Marketing: Search is the #1 source of getting high conversion leads from your website. We can help you run targeting search marketing programs including Google Ads, Bing Ads, SEO, etc.
  3. Reputation Management & Local Citations: Reputation is a key factor for any business. According to a comScore survey, 70% of people trust online reviews. You may be surprised to know that half a review star can directly impact your sales. So managing and monitoring your reviews online is a must requirement for any business
  4. Local Marketing: A local marketing can help you build up your business profile on search engines and local directories. We work with publishers who can directly feed information to databases that power search engine results. This helps you get a high visibility for your business and a greater opportunity to rank on search engine local search results. Know more about our local marketing program.
  5. Social Media Marketing: Never miss the free stuff! Social media is a tremendous opportunity for you for brand recognition. While most social media marketing is free, you can also run sponsored social media campaigns for better results
  6. Remarketing – A small business has limited marketing budget so its important to keep your new and existing customers engaged to avoid loosing them to the competition. Remarketing can help you recapture your customers or prospects and keep them thinking about you.
  7. Analytics: After all the work, its important to study the outcome by seeing your analytic reports. Consider signing up for Google analytics to get a free website analytic report.